Eagle Eyes Adventure Goggles: Version 0.9!

Submitted by eagle on Fri, 12/13/2019 - 20:54

"I'm ready to wear a pair of these!"

My thoughts on seeing latest draft.

I think that the frame shape is almost but not quite there.

To a certain extent, I'm just adjusting by eye.

Also, measuring.

After making larger changes, fine-tuning.

One notices any slight discrepancies.

It feels wrong.

There's a palpable sense of relief when a problem is ironed out.

I feel Japanese or something, fine-tuning.

Such a different way of working for me.

I feel like I now have the rough shape. After all that refining!

We'll see. This fine-tuning isn't my fine point.

I feel like the shape is now more or less the same as the lens. Still unsure how precise it has to be. I guess it's time to get to the next step!

Here's version 0.9!


Eagle Eyes Adventure Goggles!

Working through Distractions

Submitted by eagle on Wed, 12/11/2019 - 21:18

Conflicts seem parts of stuff, so instead of just getting stuck on wanting them gone, deal w/ it.

I often have a hard time with loud noises.

It's part of my sensitive nervous system.

Instead of getting upset, I'm aiming to incorporate the noises more into my routines, my ability to function.

For example, to ride sudden bursts of noise towards productive actions.

Or, to let disruptive noises through, then return to task.

What bothers you? How do you handle it?


More Commentary from Monte Cristi!

Submitted by eagle on Tue, 12/10/2019 - 21:46

Feels like not much left here!

Probably only a couple more weeks before I leave town.

Some people setting up mirrors and paintings across the street, looks like for sale.

Delicious foods in Republica Dominicana! Boiled starches (rice, yucca/casava, spaghetti, etc.), breads, fruits, vegetables, etc. For decent prices!

The goats here seem to herd themselves. Not sure if that's normal goat behavior.

Keep at it!


Approaching Printing!

Submitted by eagle on Tue, 12/10/2019 - 21:44

There are in general distractions. If one wants to accomplish something, one has to go ahead anyways.

I'm continuing to refine the design.

It's hard, especially for a clumsy guy like me, to adjust the fine details.

Still, it's coming together!

I'm not even sure what the tolerance is for this thing.

I guess I'll go for approximately correct, then see how the objects feel!

Here's the latest draft!

Still some more revisions remaining.

Looking solid!


Eagle Eyes Adventure Goggles!

More Thinking in Republica Dominicana!

Submitted by eagle on Mon, 12/09/2019 - 21:41

Bad music, barking dogs, and other gross noises make me sick.

"Some guy w/ a peace sign. Or a Mercedes logo."

"Oh no, not eating my vegetables!"

"Oh no,  not getting exercise!"

Things that reasonable people should exclaim instead of worrying about murder, etc.

I'm messy, sloppy, lazy, etc. We all have our failings. I think it's important to know one's own failings, and I think that it can improve one to admit it. Not to focus too much on it, though.

Impoetant :)

People often have irrational fears about foreign places. However, Haiti does have some serious problems. I predict that I'll like the country more than people often warn me about, but not as much as some other countries like Mexico.

After Haiti, I plan to get back to RD, see southwestern Republica Dominicana.

Then, other islands!

I like planning. It's one of my favorite parts of travel.

Even when I'm tired of travel itself, needing a break, I still like daydreaming.

Looking at maps & calendars.

Figuring out whenwhere to go!

There are some heart-stopping moments whenever a laptop gets exposed to large amounts of water! Especially if the battery is low or there are other confusing factors.

Luckily, this laptop runs!

It's funny to go to the bank in developing countries. I just used an ATM to withdraw 10,000 pesos! Made me feel rich. Hard even to count the zeroes while using the ATM. However, the ATM failed. So did the two other ATMs nearby!

Off to another fun week!


Eagle Eyes Adventure Goggles: Another Session!

Submitted by eagle on Mon, 12/09/2019 - 21:33

I think it's important to do the work that leads to one's larger goals, even when it feels difficult.

Getting set to do some more work on the goggles!

I have a new idea for how I want to make the beak/nose!

Came up with it over the weekend. We'll see how it goes. Often the best ideas happen on weekends!

"I think that looks kinda cool."

My mental reaction on seeing the latest model.

I have a beak design that I like!

May go with it for the first print!

Still some more adjustments to make!


Eagle Eyes Adventure Goggles!

Eagle Eyes Adventure Goggles: Preparing to Print!

Submitted by eagle on Fri, 12/06/2019 - 20:38

The goggles are coming along!

I'm continuing to revise, now in preparation for a first print run!

Tons of distractions.

I want to wear these!!!!!


Eagle Eyes Adventure Goggles!

It's hard work to make or improve a 3D design.

The tools are extremely powerful.

Yet, figuring out how to use them to accomplish your visions can be difficult.

Which makes it more rewarding when you do figure out improvements!

"This is tough as f*ck, but I can do it!"

My thoughts on dealing with the nose/beak.

You have to develop methods to deal with individual challenges.

It often takes sacrifices to get to one's goals.

It's slowly taking shape.

Quite nitpicky. Not my favorite/best type of work. But important!

The tools are there. It's a matter of how to use them!

Still struggling. I'm going to restart tomorrow using a different method, incorporating many of the lessons from these struggles.

(Er, maybe I'll restart next week!)

Often it takes numerous tries to get through tough parts!

I'm happy to see the goggles coming along!

I think I'm going to take at least another week to refine the model, so that it's ready for the first print run.

So many things to learn. This production of a print 3D object is far different than what I've done before. So far, I've done a fair amount of modeling, for 3D graphics that remain on computer screens, or in VR goggles. Now, going into the material environment, introduces questions such as materials, shipping, production techniques! Exciting!

After the first run, I plan to refine it further. I think that it's important to incorporate lessons from failures, or maybe a better way of saying that is to build on partial successes.

I'm optimistic!

If this works out well, I'm tempted to take on more 3D print projects. However, I think I'll lean more towards continuing to develop these goggles instead of starting more projects. It's something that I can use a ton. Other people may also benefit. As much as I like starting new projects, I think that one can make better products by focusing on one.

I'm also learning more about the importance of working with bigger systems, other people. I've often preferred working on my own. For these goggles, I can see how it requires so many people, technologies, etc., that it's quite important to collaborate!

This is a passion project for me. Yet, I also want to make it into something bigger & better!


Another Round of Thoughts in Monte Cristi

Submitted by eagle on Thu, 12/05/2019 - 17:51

An idea I had, not sure if it already exists: make 3D graphics (either for display on a screen, or 3D printing) that represent the sound wave of a song or other audio. A cube shows a graph of the wave, like mountains or a terrain.

Another idea: 3D print a small house, e.g. 1 cm cube size. When people ask me where I live, pull it out and answer, "aqui mi casa!" ("here's my house!").

Jejej. As I was working, some animals walked up to me along the sidewalk. I was about to shoo them away, thinking they were dogs, but it turns out they were goats! Goats have strange eyes.

Dominican companies don't seem to believe in having as many layers of packaging as American companies do. I often open a product, such as the bizcocho (pound cake) ice cream tub I just opened, thinking there will be a protective seal underneath the cover, only to find that it opens directly into the product.

I feel like some companies cater to the Dominican market (and other developing economies) by making products in smaller, more affordable packages. Yet, some other products come in larger formats, which I guess at least offers economies of scale.

Here, marketing is often conducted by people driving around in trucks while blaring announcements.

Interesting to see which American or international companies do better here or in other countries. Coca-Cola seems like one of the most international American companies. Lays, too. Google, Facebook, and WhatsApp are other common brands.

Energy drinks cost less here. The local ones often cost around half a dollar per bottle. The American or international ones often cost a dollar or two per bottle.


Eagle Eyes Adventure Goggles: Another Session!

Submitted by eagle on Wed, 12/04/2019 - 21:48

It's so hot & humid, I don't feel like doing much (but am doing stuff anyways).

My hands get so sweaty that using a laptop touchpad is prone to problems.

The insects like the humidity!

I'm now reworking the goggles to make them more fit for printing!

Maybe I'm getting older, becoming more balanced. I don't want to work too hard or insufficiently hard. Instead, a medium amount.

I'm gaining some knowledge from doing these goggles. I hope also to make something of enduring use. However, it's costing tons of opportunity. I guess I was going for a challenge anyways. Next year, more practical?

It's interesting as I go back to address various issues, seeing the frame from a different perspective!

Once you have a shape, you can modify it more easily!


Eagle Eyes Adventure Goggles!

Some More Thoughts

Submitted by eagle on Tue, 12/03/2019 - 21:07

I think soda makes my teeth and digestion feel worse than other beverages, even including sugary and caffeinated beverages like coffee or energy drinks.

It seems to get loud in the afternoon. I guess that's when the noisy people wake up.

I feel like I've been getting considerably more done on a daily basis while staying in one spot than while traveling. I think that's a common occurrence. I hope that I can keep a solid schedule next time I'm back on the road!

Republica Dominicana (and I think other Latin countries) have a common cookie that's like an Oreo, only it tastes better and costs less. I've been eating them like crazy, plus putting them in my cereal (a tasty combination). Yesterday I also put rum raisin ice cream in my cereal!

Often while traveling, due to variations in my personal circumstances and the social circumstances, I wind up having considerably less or more money than the people near me, feeling either rich or poor but not average. I guess that goes along with doing non-average activities.

So many beautiful places on this Earth!

Wherever I go, I often find places that make me want to stay there, at least for a while.

I often decide to go on not long after. I think it's important to take in beauty on the go.

Appreciating beauty as an attitude, rather than an activity like going to the museum.

I feel like I have had numerous struggles, yet also numerous achievements.

Work can pay dividends!