Stuck in Guadeloupe

Submitted by eagle on Sat, 04/10/2021 - 13:06

With the Coronavirus, I keep finding myself deferring my to-dos, adding more levels of emphasis in my lists. :)

I want to develop the Wri.D. degree. In addition to writing coursework, it involves copious experiences with drugs, sex, travel, and other experiences about which to write. :)

Civilization: Part III.

Our movie. After the classics (Greece, Rome, etc.), then the difficult middle years, modernity.

Dreaming, exercising, reminiscing. These can produce hallucinations, stimulation, relaxation, and the other advantages for which people purchase drugs. These can also enhance your health! (They cost less than drugs, too.)


Now they're telling me the package hasn't arrived yet on this island, when they told me last week that it had and that I could pick it up! I've also spent like fifty bucks on phone service to call them and wait on hold. Frustrating.

It's been well over four months.

They called back. Finally! It's supposed to be delivered tomorrow. Now I'm not sure if I'm ready yet. :)

Not a serious deal. At least this way I can leave the country soon if I want. I was beginning to become worried about getting stuck here even after my bank card expires.

I applied at a bunch of local banks, but got turned out. Maybe because of a limited passport visa? Or because of only having rental receipts for proof of address?

I also just bought an "account-less card" today, but the recharge function failed, due to my bank card having some security alert set up with a phone number that I no longer have.

I'm feeling a confusing rush of emotions. Which I was feeling anyways. Which I usually feel anyways. But now a bit more so.

If they actually come through tomorrow, then I'm thinking of maybe leaving next weeekend. (Not this upcoming one, but the one thereafter.)

Not entirely sure that I feel or think I'm ready to leave yet. Part of me feels way over-ready, but part of me is concerned about the Coronavirus, about the weather, about the sudden turmoil after my first stable place in a while.

I think it's important to keep going. For practical as well as emotional reasons.

We'll see!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


I don't think they'd be delivering the package even now without a more aggressive call. I've e-mailed and called for months, they've said multiple times that the package was in this country, was being delivered, then backtracked. I think sometimes you need to use some force if you want to make things happen.

I have a bunch of groceries, I've kept going back for more after what I thought was my last shopping trip here.

My French is finally starting to become somewhat usable, but still rough. I hadn't spoken much French for years. A tiny bit in Louisiana. A bunch in Quebec.

Some of the things that I'm going to miss about the French Caribbean (I actually plan to go to a different French island again soon):

  • The French cheese!!!!!
  • The French language!
  • The Caribbean!

Some things seem to adjust more easily than others when you travel. I still seem to be stuck on thinking in Celsius (even when in the US), scheduling things in the mid-afternoon instead of somewhat later (even after spending a while in countries that have a long mid-day break).

I think I'm maybe going to leave the 17 or more likely 24 of April. Maybe May 1?

I've pushed back my start dates for leaving a place by a month at a time?

I'm feeling some frustration over having potentially less time in Dominica, Martinique, Saint Lucia than I had wanted. Also quite tolerant, given Coronavirus, accomplishing numerous goals, poor travel weather, other work to do.

I've been feeling stuck, going around in circles. Also dying to leave. Also comfortable, not wanting to leave.

Now I feel the opposite, a sudden rush of activity, also worry over leaving the comforts.

Starting a travel trip, like starting a drug trip. :)

I feel in many respects much better now than when I arrived in Guadeloupe. Much better shape financially, also have accomplished tons of my goals, also had a chance to rest, recuperate.

Also feeling somewhat older, slower, but in part that's due to the cloudy weather, and the lethargy of staying still for so many months. Also, long day.

I've gotten to know when the landscaping team arrives before the sun comes up, when the large insect flies over the street around sunrise. When it becomes loud, when it becomes quiet. I think I've become a local. :)

In a way it feels like a weight off my shoulders, to have the package (supposedly) coming tomorrow. In a way it feels like a burden, to have to figure out my leaving. One weight falls, another weight rises. :)

I often feel like life's too hard. Or just hard enough to make it, if you're lucky.

I feel like my emotions are my strength & weakness.

I feel like a different person than when I came to Guadeloupe, or to Capesterre.

Maybe more mature, not that that's necessarily a good thing. :)

I feel so extremely constrained, staying in one small town. Much different than traveling to different countries. I guess that when staying in one place is what you know, or if you have a different personality, it seems normal.

I think I've done stuff a million times more scary & crazy than even some out-there people! :)

I think that in the cloud/rainy weather, my body reacts by congesting, which constrains air flow, which makes my brain go into a strange mode.

My mood seems much better even while the weather's staying iffy. I think it's the package.

I'm thinking of leaving Capesterre not this upcoming weekend but the next, if the borders seem open enough.

After so many delays, now seems so sudden!

My last remaining functional bank card expires end of May. I may need to go to North America to get another card.

I now feel like I'm switching from residing in Capesterre to actively working on my next travels again. Scary yet exciting!

I've had my notes scattered all over the place while managing the last few weeks. Now it feels like things may be taking shape. Not sure I'm ready!


My present policy is not to use much in the way of substances, except situationally, e.g. a coffee if I'm feeling unusually tired and need to work -- instead of a regular or even semi-regular coffee (or other substance). I've often used more routinely, but I seem to do better on average without, I think?

So, rain this week, plus figuring out the border situation, running through my remaining food, doing other preparations. Then, a shot at leaving Capesterre next week if the situation seems desirable, or maybe the week thereafter.

Borders still look basically shut down. Not sure yet if the international ferries are running yet again, the websites make it look like not, I sent out more e-mails, we will see. Even Dominica, where I want to go next, which officially has open borders, requires for visitors from "high risk countries" (which apparently include mine) to stay in quarantine. Looks like I'm staying in Guadeloupe a while longer.

Not that big of a deal, I still don't actually feel emotionally or in some sense logistically ready to go yet. Also somewhat annoying, due to the bank card issue (expiring soon), the times when I do feel emotionally like leaving, and the frustration of lacking the freedom to go where I want.

Interesting, seems like Dominica is receiving Coronavirus assistance from India and China. I guess it may be a poorer society than I'd thought.

I'm not planning to go until they have more normal borders.

There's a $90-150 per night fee for staying in their quarantine!

Disaster aversion. Do not go to Dominica until they actually reopen their country.

Now preparing for extended stay in Guadeloupe.

They also have "scheduled and unscheduled checks" for Coronavirus in visitors to Dominica.

The only open things there anyways would be a "managed experience" or a government operated quarantine facility. No thanks.

Guess I'm stuck in Guadeloupe until further notice.

Travel within a "travel bubble", sounds like fun. Not.

Seems like the travel industry is out.

Who knows how I'd get into the next country, even if I did go.

Thankful to have this location in Guadeloupe!

"Travelers must practice good respiratory etiquette." :)

I came to Guadeloupe for a few weeks, now I'm watching a generation of Guadeloupians develop. :)

At least there's a certain sense of relief. I didn't want to rush out of Guadeloupe, or into an iffy situation in Dominica with the risk of quarantine. Now that I see that there isn't even a practical method of going to Dominica, or doing the activities there that I want, I feel like it's unambiguous. As much as choice can be useful and desirable, sometimes it's nice to have some simplicity.

"Hair braider temperature should be taken on entry to the Port restricted area." :)

I guess I'm stuck in Guadeloupe until further notice.

My new plan is to work on the bank card.

Let's stay! :)

Eagle Gamma