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Year Eight: Doing Great!

Submitted by eagle on Fri, 02/19/2021 - 06:02


How's your year going?

In case you're interested, here's a quick summary of my last year: book, goggles, travel!

The book that I started thinking about even before embarking on this travel is finally out! You can see Astrotripping: A Cosmic Joyride in full here:


There's also an Amazon page here:


I can send you print copies if you want, just e-mail me.

Also, I produced the first wearable versions of the 3D print sports glasses, Eagle Eyes Adventure Goggles!

Again, I can send you print copies if you want, just e-mail me.

With the Coronavirus pandemic in full swing over the last year, I didn't make it too far, only touring around Guadeloupe. I do plan to travel farther again soon. You can see the current map here:

Eagle Gamma Travels to Capesterre Belle-Eau, Guadeloupe

If you want to see way more details, you're welcome to visit my blog at Worlds O Wisdom (WOW):


Hopefully, this upcoming year I can make it back to the continent, to see more of Latin America!!!!!


Readying to leave Capesterre?!?

Submitted by eagle on Sun, 02/07/2021 - 07:47

Trying a few of the "remedies" from the pharmacy, they feel about as ineffective as they look.

Marketing gimickry.

When you're traveling, there's not enough time to do even the basics. When you're stuck in one place, there's often "too much" time. I guess that explains why agricultural civilizations and later have turned to drink!

There's a lot of haywire stuff in any predictions/plans for much later than a few days. Each event is so unpredictable on its own, plus they multiply.

Madult (n., Modern English "mad" crazy + "adult"): Someone who travels around wherever, does what they want!

You can't spell "distraction" without "action"! :)

A few recurring things I've noticed:

Sounds accumulate. A small sound, even accidental, often "invites" other like sounds.

Small efforts accumulate. You start doing something, it can produce or contribute to much larger results.

Turning into another month. I now see some pressures that are increasingly relevant, as the pressures holding me back here become decreasingly relevant. Not quite there, but I think that it may actually be approaching time to leave???

I don't want to head out, then find that they're doing any quarantines for this crazy Coronavirus. I think that's THE critical factor.

So, I'm now aiming to leave Capesterre by mid-March, if feasible.

Preferably by late February, if feasible.

We'll see how that pans out, I've been wrong before a few times.

Without this Coronavirus, I would not have had the opportunity to wrap up many of my projects!

I'm feeling exhausted.

I've now seen not only much of this town, but also much of the remaining area from here back to the main town in this country.


When I go out to new places, I feel alive.

I want to leave. Still one more package that I think should arrive soon, maybe this week? Also one package that I don't think is likely to arrive soon, but which I'm less concerned about, ready to leave without.

Also still the Coronavirus issue. When I e-mailed the ferries before, they indicated that the international boats to the islands I want to see should resume in January. I'm not sure yet whether that in fact occurred. Even if the ferries are running, I also want to avoid any quarantines or other such issues.

As difficult as it may seem, I think it's important to force yourself to do difficult things if you want to reach your goals.

Keep at it! :)


Managing in Guadeloupe

Submitted by eagle on Wed, 01/27/2021 - 14:51

Still managing the frustrations of being stuck here by doing as much work as I can, which turns out to be way more than I was thinking. Also still "greatful" to be here.


I'm planning to double down on my work, chores, socializing, and other activities for the next while here.

There are so many things I've wanted to do, I suppose I can keep on finding more of those to knock off!

Sometimes it makes sense just to go ahead without even knowing what you're doing.

Alcohol bottles, instead of those small recycling and don't drink while pregnant icons, should arguably show a huge death's head, with carcass photos like on the cigarette packs.

An idea: have mosquitoes (and other biting/stinging insects) adapted to target our backs, other unreachable areas? (Or do we just notice that more because it's more annoying?)

Ready to leave last week of January, or to do another shop for next weeks.

Becoming fun, exciting again! Returning to travel mode! :)

I'm guessing at least February here.

We're susceptible, so move it!

I guess the destination is death, so do more to make a go of the journey, not the destination.

This "time off" (or actually "time on") in Guadeloupe has proven practically necessary for me to accomplish many of my key early life goals

Focus on the positives, in people, in situations, in activities

I'm working to substitute a more positive attitude for my older broad attitude.

Consistently work to improve! :)

Prepare yourself for what you want! :)

Work through things in small, digestible chunks.

Stay sane.

Focus on observables.

You can't actually focus anywhere else.

You have to keep moving, even when you don't think you do.

We can accomplish many of our goals, so we should have confidence, going through with things anyways!

The rest of this round of goggles should come this week. [It did!]

Maybe I'll pick up the remainder of my packages next week?

I'm guessing that even by next week, then, I probably won't be ready yet to leave.

Probably the Coronavirus will still remain active, too.

It's OK to adjust your plans! :)

There's a possibility of leaving at the end of January. [Seems increasingly slim.]

I thought I was crazy, then I started to meet other people. :)

Die old & leave a fucked up body. :)

You can accomplish goals by working consistently at them AND taking opportunities when you see them!

There's time afterward to do the smaller tasks that you made note of while doing the bigger tasks. :)

You can go way farther by doing the legwork! :)

Focus on the pressures, needs, serious wants, using your strengths! :)

For insomnia, so far I think the best response I've found is to stay up working on useful things, which at least accomplishes something! :)

I think that blogging, or journaling, or the like, enables one to develop oneself gradually, as human culture develops gradually. These small developments can build on each other to take one a long way?

We live in the future! (compared to what we ever had before) There have to be fun or useful things to do! :)

Sometimes I don't know what to do, other times I have too much stuff to do but not enough time. I guess it's a balancing act.

The problems are the things that you can't solve right away, cuz you've already solve the other things.

I'm now guessing it'll be at least February when I leave town.

Still waiting on a package, plus better border conditions.

Also, I probably want to have at least a week or so after I decide to leave before actually leaving, to book any places, ferries, or whatever. Book, book, book! :)

Maybe later on, the goggles will rise above the comfort/need level of other things, then I would feel more like working on other things.

Woke up from a dream of being at the Thai border.

Tempting me to go there next! :)

I think that the language, proximity, size, and other aspects of culture and geography of Latin America make it still a somewhat more appealing next destination. Still. Tempting.

I'm increasingly feeling desirous of more travel.

Even when I leave town for a while, I feel much better.

Tons of French cheese yet to be eaten! :)

Running away from running away. :)

A few more delays. Still haven't received one package that I'm waiting on before leaving, as well as at least one package that I'm more willing to leave without. Also, Coronavirus still seems overactive. Seems like less of a big deal if there are multiple problems, like they cancel each other out, since I'd have to wait for the other even if one was resolved.

Also, there still seem to be some local products that I want to try, so in a sense I guess I'm still interested in "traveling" here.

Found some cannabis sativa in the pharmacy! :)

Keep On! :)


Caribbean Craziness, Coronavirus

Submitted by eagle on Sun, 01/17/2021 - 16:42


Our perceptions can dramatically affect our behaviors, for the better or worse, and our perceptions are not necessarily that closely tied to "reality". Makes sense to attend to the accuracy of our perceptions!

I may be more of a top-down idealist? But I think I can also be strongly driven by bottom-up signals. Maybe I'm ambivalent?

I think that my body may store noticeably more fat even over a few days of colder weather? Or maybe it's just water retention that's occurred by chance.

I think that a solid response to feeling somewhat crazy is to work!

Coronavirus still closing the borders. In fact, they're re-adding MORE restrictions in some countries!

Guess I'll stay longer here.

Instead of rushing out, I'm now aiming to do as much as I can here, while maintaining a positive mood as much as I can, plus sanity.

You have to keep reinventing yourself.

While building on your earlier base.

A difficult balancing act.

I've taken some crazy risks, done some crazy things, and it seems to have worked out so far! :)

It turns out that we're often wrong, so it makes sense to put yourself to the test, in my opinion.

Also, take care of basics. :)

We've come a long way, as a species, as genera, as individuals!

It often seems that when I have annoyances, they can be turned into more desirable situations by moving away from the notion of "how long do I have to survive this," instead seeing the situations as recreational or productive opportunities of limited time.

If anyone wants a delicious combination, try mascarpone with dark chocolate.

I think it's important to keep on the move, even when it's tempting to relax.

Exercise is a 3-in-1 drug cocktail: amphetamines, opiates, cannabis! :)

Even knowing that my plans are likely to be wrong, I'm still consistently surprised by how wrong my plans turn out. :)

The upcoming islands that I want to see look small, and not that different from what I've already seen (but each with its own appeals), so I think that after I leave Guadeloupe it will go more quickly again.

I often notice myself saying, thinking, or writing something that seems original to me, then shortly after (or much later) realizing that it closely resembles something that I'd already heard or read.

I guess the mind's something of a copycat. :)

I'm feeling confused. Not that I think we humans ever have some sort of objective certainty, but sometimes we at least have a relatively clear sense of what we want, while at other times (like nowadays for me) there are conflicting demands.

I'm working on the basics that I know I still want, while trying to work out how to handle the upcoming while.

I have clearer long-term goals, too, but I think that it's premature to think much about those with the difficulty around the Coronavirus among other concerns.

My mood's all over the place, but that's usually the case. :)

Some people seem driven by fame, money, or accomplishments, or power, pleasure, or various other things. I guess we all have some mix. I think some of my main motivations are sense-oriented. I also have some motivations for achievement (in its own right, rather than competitively), but I think it's somewhat moderate.

There are usually ways forward, even if it seems like one's stuck. Takes some sacrifices, alternative ways of thinking, hard work, but we retain freedom even when it doesn't necessarily appear so on the surface.

Another week in the Caribbean, which still switches between driving me crazy and making me feel relief! Actually, maybe that's the key distinction about the Caribbean. The heat and humidity, some of the culture, can drive you a bit crazy, but scenery is very serene. That seems consistent with my thinking over the last few years in other parts of the Caribbean.

I've been drinking alcohol more consistently than for years, in a deliberate attempt to reduce anxiety, assist sleep in this noisy place. Somewhat working for the anxiety/mood, doesn't seem to do much for sleep (even for time of onset). I'll drink more for the next while, then try other methods. I don't really like drinking much nowadays, but it has a few benefits, and seems to make food taste way better.

Trying to open an offshore bank account. Still one of my bigger frustrations during travel is dealing with the financial institutions. At least I can feel like an intriguing person (which I am!) while seeking to open offshore bank accounts. :)

When will the Coronavirus be over? There's probably gambling on that, which can tell us. I think I've been wrong already too many times to take my guesses seriously. Maybe another month???

Guess I should do what I can while here!

Rock & roll!!!!! :)


Adapting to Unavoidable Difficulties!

Submitted by eagle on Mon, 01/11/2021 - 16:07

Things are difficult anyways.

So hard to keep up with things.

Work through things anyways.


I feel like it takes some preparation, maybe some proportion of the time one has been in a place, before leaving the place.

I still find it somewhat remarkable that my brain basically won't let my body stay still for long!

You have to go out there!

Keep on working towards your goals!


Exercise! Clean! Work! :)

If you want to arrive, you have to leave.

Probably way better to deal with actual things, in the sense of objects, e.g. exercise or work, instead of just mental objects.

There are occasionally hurdles, stumbling blocks.

I think it's important to push through, not blindly but with patience, cognition, and the like.

I'm feeling somewhat frustrated, stuck here. It's a decent enough place, but I've seen it and my body craves more.

We're all on an exciting adventure together. Scary, but fun. It's only in a microscopic fraction of the human story that we have modern technology, which proceeds to develop. Even before that, our species has traveled the planet for millions of years. Even before that, we've gone on numerous other adventures.

It's sort of confusing for me to stay here.

I go through cycles of liking or disliking staying stuck here. It's definitely practical in that I'm accomplishing more of my desk jockey jobs than while I was cycling.

I still basically agree with my first impressions of Guadeloupe. Beautiful, wet, has delicious tomatoes.


I guess we can adjust to whatever comes up! :)

I'm feeling claustrophobic.

I want to go soon!!!!! :)

Make mistakes! :)

Tried some sleeping pills. They don't seem to do much, for me anyways. Slightly drowsier but still awake. Maybe use more booze instead. :)

Another busy week here in Capesterre!

I guess there's some frustration in different activities, as well as some accomplishments. I still feel like I'm making headway on my desk duties here, while stuck in this location. The opposite of my usual travel pattern, when it's hard to accomplish the desk duties.

Plan: keep on balancing between travel versus desk activities, making the most of each opportunity, minimizing the whining. :)

I still like how there isn't winter here!

I'm thinking, a few more packages, the borders reopen (?), then go! :)


Finding Ways Forward!

Submitted by eagle on Sun, 12/27/2020 - 18:23

Looks like January!

The ferry company says that international travel is supposed to resume then. At least to some of the nearby islands.


You could score your life choices decision tree! :)

Idea: coffee oil. Like the small amounts of oil in espresso. You could make it by combining instant coffee with vegetable oil. What would you use it for? A sauce for foods?

It's been a long year, here!

Looking forward to a new one, hopefully in a new country soon! :)

Extremely grateful to have had an opportunity to work through so many things over the last year, which I've wanted to do for a long while.

It's interesting to see which aspects of me come or go on the basis of when I'm traveling, where I'm traveling, how I'm aging, and such. I think that I've developed into a substantially different person as a result of travel, including to the specific place I've gone like regions of North America or the Caribbean, as well as from aging. I also think that many aspects of who I am have stayed stable since before I traveled, and have not been that affected by where I've traveled. Staying in one place in the Caribbean seems to show that some of my tastes or sensibilities or stress responses stay fairly stable. I guess my activities rather than my tastes adjust to the place.

I'm working again to have less negativity, more positivity.

I think that in addition to liking the Latin cultures more than I like many other cultures, I feel more normal there. That may contribute to my feeling better there, too.

While it's important to have assumptions, they often develop inertia. It's also important to release assumptions if they fail.

Even balance, in balance. I think that excess is extremely harmful. I think that an excess of balance is slightly harmful.

I think that basically balance, but with a few imbalances to adjust to conditions or go after an opportunity, can do even better than a "flat" balance.

Like how animals with bilateral symmetry but a front and back can go farther than spherical animals.

Compared to much of what our bodyminds evolved for, we now have immense opportunities as well as risks. Modern life is potent. There are tons of useful yet risky things that we now face that we're not entirely adapted for, e.g. processed foods and drugs (including widely available alcoholic beverages), media, vehicles. These can enable us to do some remarkable things that our ancestors couldn't, but they also kill.

I'm working on seeing myself as building. Developing. Growing.

How many hours of use will Eagle Eyes get? Probably thousands just by me. Plus others!

Idea: chocolate bar-shaped cell phone.

Idea: chocolate bar that's a flat rectangle instead of having individual squares.

Writing's sort of like making music or 3D animations, but with words. You cobble together a draft, you manipulate the arrangement of elements, using your sensitivity.

Thinking, cooking, having sex, other activities can also be like writing or making art.

Next week it's 2021! :)

Birds often fly on specific paths, rather than just randomly. We can do the same in our life paths.

I want to go soon! :)

I think it's easy to see things as you do it once then you're set, when in reality I think that you have to keep on adapting.

I think that a more practical approach makes sense for me, I have a strong tendency to ideate, which can also be useful but with balance.

Progress happens from day-by-day moves, advance, maneuvers.

Ideas can ramp up (or bog down) progress by several orders of magnitude.

Design life! :)

Build life! :)

I'm sort of expecting to leave Capesterre around mid- to late-January, 2021.

Feeling cooped up! Want to go back out there again!

In work or life, I guess we can focus on the felt needs.

As I write or edit checklists, plans seem more real. As I check them off, they become real!

Idea: transparent chocolate. (Not sure if that's technically feasible.)

I think that work, exercise, socializing, cleaning, shopping, or other productive activities can be fun "adventures" like using drugs (including alcohol), but with better average outcomes.

I think that I get tired by the end of the day, the week, the year. I think that a lot of mistakes happen then. Not just in me, it's probably a common enough trend. I guess that it makes sense to exercise extra caution near the end, or to reduce activities near the end. Maybe that also explains why the last 20% takes 80% of the effort. :)

Maybe drink at least once a month or so?

I think I'm way too anxious.

Keep on working at it! :)



Working through Things in Capesterre Belle-Eau, Guadeloupe!

Submitted by eagle on Sun, 12/20/2020 - 19:24

Travel itself is fairly easy. You buy the ticket or hop on the bike, then go somewhere. It's the decisions, the emotions, the psychological stuff pertaining to travel, that's difficult.

It's sort of hypnotic, entrancing, to watch a small bird.

My "pets" keep coming by. I've been feeding them rice, each grain of which looks like a big snack compared to these small birds.

They move so fast, their bodies are on a much smaller scale. I guess there are also insects, bacteria, and the like "twitching" even faster. Also, elephants, planets, and the like going slower. Different rhythms. What we take for granted is just one rate.

Also, seeing things with depth (in 3D). Many animals don't.

The width of our vision, the color depth. The other senses, some of which aren't even the same basic senses in different animals. Just at the basic sensory/perceptual levels, we're so different than other animals, yet it's somewhat difficult to think or feel as another animal would. Even within the human species there are considerable differences in sight, sound, smell processing.

I'm not sure what birds' dietary needs are. Can they synthesize different amino acids than humans can? I'm guessing that birds can get by fine on cereal grains alone?

I think I like the look, taste, shade, feel, etc., of tropical plants more than dry hot climate plants. But the people more in dry hot climate places. Food in both.

I think there's some merit to the notion of you get what you give.

Go more freely! :)

Eagle Gamma in Capesterre Belle-Eau, Guadeloupe!

You know you're in a small place when... Receiving a package, the delivery companies have never even heard of your country, then when it finally arrives in the country, the delivery drivers can't even find your place (which of course has no address written on it).

The rest of the body is way less interesting to me than the brainmind

I've made so many commitments, now I'm "committed"! :)

I moved to a different room in the same building (because someone else had already reserved the room I was in). This room has a functional air conditioner, which in the Caribbean climate makes a huge difference!

These Coronavirus days have been some of the more useful but less pleasurable for me. Also with some inutility (disutility?) plus pleasures. Taking care of tons of tasks from years ago. Also stuck without travel or other aspects of culture that I like. At least an appropriate occasion!

Normal people are high on drugs practically all the time. Some of the worst drugs, too. Alcohol, tobacco, caffeine (the latter's the most common but not so bad for harm).

I'm aiming to go on a night shift schedule for much of the rest of my stay here. I've occasionally woken up in the middle of the night, including last night and tonight. It's way better for working, with quiet (except for some dog barking). I can nap during the day.

We each have a neural net to control! That's like some of the most advanced technology that engineers are now working with, but ours are even more developed (for a while, anyways). What an incredible technology to have literally inside us!

I guess we crazy writers can now say that we're "self-isolating" for the Coronavirus! :)

Seems like some countries but not all are reopening after Coronavirus. There are genetic tests for the virus required to enter some countries, plus quarantines, self-isolation, and the like.

I think I'm going to wait until more countries are open, with fewer restrictions, so that I feel confident in being able to travel easily.

I'm also considering flying to some open country like Brazil, then staying there instead, but I think in practice that it would maybe not make sense. Or would it?

The US writes that people should leave Venezuela, not sure how that situation will turn out by the time I'm likely ready to go.

    On March 11, 2019, the Department of State announced the temporary suspension of operations of the U.S. Embassy in Caracas and the withdrawal of diplomatic personnel.  All consular services, routine and emergency, are suspended.
    The Travel Advisory for Venezuela remains a Level 4: Do Not Travel, urging U.S. citizens not to travel to Venezuela due to crime, civil unrest, poor health infrastructure, and arbitrary arrest and detention of U.S. citizens.

Dominica (my next planned Caribbean island) looks open, at least somewhat. Maybe go there in mid-January?! Or is Guadeloupe on their list of high-risk places?

They still have quarantines, tests, and such. Maybe I'll wait until it's more fully open. I very much don't want to become stuck in a quarantine for days.

People monitored where they stay? That sounds obnoxious.

Guadeloupe (where I am now) is open, but with requirements. Probably better to stay here until this thing clears up.

Looks impractical to go among countries now, even if some are technically open. Looks like more Guadeloupe!

So, Martinique, my planned destination after the upcoming island of Dominica, has quarantines. How about waiting for Coronavirus to leave.

Coronavirus hysteria!!!!!

So, seems like the international borders aren't open in a practical sense yet, nor with a specific date.

I'm still sort of vaguely hoping for January-February-March reopening, but realistically planning to hold out or make alternative plans even for months after that.

I would now expect a realistic likelihood of this Coronavirus going on well into 2021, maybe even further. Seems somewhat preposterous, but I can easily see it occurring.

I have enough things to do here that, while in some ways I'm extremely desirous to go on, it's also fine to have an extended stay.

Carry on or stay still or do whatever you can!!!!! :)

First drink in a while, feeling stressed. I like the bottle more than I like the drink inside. :)

A sweet Jamaican ginger wine. Basically sugary wine with strong ginger flavor. Acts on the GABA depressant neurotransmitters, like other alcobeverages.

I think that drinking serves a few purposes. Socializing. Stress relief/anxiolytic. But I think it's also an extremely dangerous drug. I'm ok with having a few drinks now and then, it may even be healthy. I think it probably is beneficial in small doses. I don't want to return to regular drinking, though.

I think booze makes me feel even more melodramatic than I already am.

Realistically, I think that alcohol is more nutritious and medicinal than many things that people regularly consume. So I wouldn't agree with the extreme anti-alcohol people. But I also think it's far more dangerous of a drug than most or all illegal drugs, so I also wouldn't agree with the extreme pro-alcohol people. I think that it's a substance with some uses as well as some dangers, both considerable. Therefore I would argue that it should be used only by those who have a reason for it, "in moderation", rather than as a ubiquitous beverage or not at all.

I don't really like how alcohol makes my head feel numb.

But I do like how it takes my mind off things.

It definitely seems to produce a loss of coordination, which I think I already had.

Weird how a simple molecule (ethanol) can produce such profound effects in society.

I think that booze doesn't help, in fact may hurt, the basic problems that people often use it for.

Next day. Do not drink alcohol regularly. Only up to a few times per year. :)

In sum, I wish I had acted more responsibly, (somewhat) less irresponsibly, when I was younger, so I will aim to act more responsibly from now on.

If you drink (semi-)regularly, it may feel normal to derive much pleasure from alcohol. Now that I'm largely off alcohol, I feel more pleasure sober than when drinking, with a few exceptions. There seems to be a better emotion profile with (semi-)regular sobriety.

I think that coffee removes the "drowsy" effect by blocking off adenosine neurotransmitters? Or am I misrecalling?

It's like you're in middle-of-the-day readiness mode even if you just woke up.

I nowadays often like sobriety, but I'm much more likely to use caffeine than alcohol. It's safer, it's more productive, it's more positive.

Getting to know one's nervous system.

Working with it!

Power just went out (then came back on). Water's still going off sporadically. Stove's out of fuel. Air conditioner blew out. Microwave blew out. Have to like that Caribbean! :)

Things have developed for me considerably over the last year, even though (or because!) I've been stuck in one small country. For the first time since I've started this whole travel lifestyle back in 2013, I have some financial stability. Also, my book that I've been working on since (before!) the start is now out. I'm wearing the goggles that I'd designed. Tons of other developments too!

Working is sort of like adventure travel. (I often get my metaphors [or similes] backwards). You gradually develop your methods, your tools, your knowledge. From starting off, you become more of an old hand.

As I work my way through some projects, others arise. I guess that's the way things go!

One of my big regrets is that I still struggle so much with regrets. :) When I actually do stuff, I realize again that it's ok to make mistakes, have failures, etc., but emotionally I still feel the inevitable imperfections.

Keep at it! :)


The New Normal?!

Submitted by eagle on Sun, 12/06/2020 - 19:24

Work hard enough to meet needs, not so hard to burn out or go crazy!

What would I do if they don't reopen the borders after the Coronavirus?

Would I stay in Guadeloupe? Try going to France? Go back to Canada or the US?

I'm not sure.  I'd probably stay in Guadeloupe for a while, sorting out plans, then eventually maybe take a shot at France.

I don't think that would happen. Funny but scary to think about, though!

The first pair of the next round of goggles came in!

Eagle Eyes Adventure Goggles version 1.2.x!

Eagle Eyes Adventure Goggles version 1.2.x!I feel like I'm becoming increasingly capable of accomplishing some goals, even with the setbacks!

You can see your actions as selections among which shape or design to switch things into. Without complete information, you can pick what you think you'd like to see as results then work towards that.

It's normal to be abnormal.

I am a river of cells.

We are rivers of cells.

If (weirdly) they keep the borders closed for Coronavirus indefinitely, maybe I can get from Guadeloupe to mainland France, then throughout the European Union?!

Caffeine: Not sure how much I like it except under specific conditions. Too nervousness-inducing for normal use?

I often don't want to be here (Capesterre Belle-Eau, Guadeloupe) any more. It's convenient, and nice enough in some ways. I basically have to stay here in practice for a while longer, to wrap up some things I'm working on (e.g. receiving parcels), as well as to have the Coronavirus over so that I can go to other countries that I want to see. Still, I've seen the town, and I'm hungry for a different culture.

I'm thinking of later on spending a while out in the country. I've lived for extended periods in large cities, small cities, and towns, but I've only ever passed through or stayed briefly in the countryside. I'd like to find out how I take to the remote, quiet setting.

I think I would like it immensely, but as with anything find some shortcomings. I'd probably get bored after a while, but really appreciate it for the first few weeks or maybe even months.

Breakfast: rice & nutella!

Over the last years, I've often struggled even to cover the basic needs. It's been somewhat frustrating, but also to some extent a deliberate sacrifice I've made to pursue travels, which I've considered worthwhile. Now that I'm stuck in Guadeloupe, I've finally had a chance to achieve basic needs. I'm still adjusting mentally to having these.

There are generally distractions (desirable or undesirable), problems, or other interferences. The issue isn't that, it's how much you want it.

Don't feel too bad about personal regrets. It's normal for anyone, even more normal for people in comparable situations. Just focus on rides!

I think that my pattern with caffeine when I use it is to go overboard because it seems too weak at first. I think it's the same as my pattern with alcohol. I guess I'll enforce stricter limits on my caffeine intake, but I'm still willing to drink some, even more so than with alcohol.

I think that the ideal eyewear, like the ideal bicycle, feels like it isn't there.

If you spend a year in a small island country, you can get to know it quite well!

I think it's going to feel super weird when the Coronavirus lifts. IF the Coronavirus lifts!

I'm planning to bust out, soon after but not right away. Maybe leave a week or so after the borders reopen.

Eagle Eyes Adventure Goggles version 1.2.x!

Already December!

I'm guessing early in 2021 the Coronavirus will be "over". Will it run a full year?


There are generally scary or annoying or unpleasant things. I guess it's often better just to do what seems reasonable about them then focus on better things.

I think that my generalizations are often not that useful. :)

I find it somewhat disturbing how strongly my emotions seem tied with the weather.

Where would you like to go?

I'm looking forward to Latin America again!!!!!

A heart-shaped cloud.

A bit of a quiet weekend after a while of noise, stress.

Let's go!!!!! :)

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