Caribbean Thoughts

Submitted by eagle on Wed, 04/08/2020 - 17:15

After a year in the Caribbean, I've seen numerous changes of government, several serious problems, tons of gorgeous coastlines. I've eaten my share of fresh mountain fruits, coastal coconuts, and Caribbean cooking. I've heard numerous types of music in numerous languages.

I've liked some, disliked other parts of the Caribbean. Overall, I'm quite happy to have gone.

However, I'm now getting more and more excited to get back to the mainland.

Continuing to work through the challenges here.

I think it's often important if not necessary to deal with undesirable situations. For some of us, that's more difficult than for others.

Funny how things develop, often in unforeseen ways. Human ignorance can be our strong and weak side.

Same for knowledge.

If we have bans on environmental pollution like dumping industrial waste into water, and bans on light pollution in sensitive areas, how about bans on noise pollution? Limits on gas motors such as motorcycles.

There are noise limits in some cases, like municipal ordinances against blasting music at night or in certain areas. Just expand these.

I'm considering this period my rebuilding period. After a year throughout the Caribbean, I've worn through much material. Replenishing. Fixing and replacing broken gear. Catching up on work, tasks. Getting ready for the next year of travels!

Let's go!


Getting Over Frustrations

Submitted by eagle on Tue, 04/07/2020 - 18:00

A woman brought by some fried dough.

Still some annoyances in this situation. Now that I've used up my phone backup batteries, I'm trying to charge this laptop and the phone at once. The laptop itself charges slowly. Not sure if it has enough strength to charge up both itself and the phone at the same time. We'll see.

It's important to continue to adapt!

Seems like I can charge the computer and phone at once. Not so bad. Also, I now suspect that a problem I've had getting the computer to use the phone's data was in the phone, not the computer. So mabe I'll pick up another phone, presumably after the pandemic. That would at least be a sizable improvement, for a while. At any rate, I have enough to keep working, however slowly!

Seems like I can charge the computer and phone at once. Not so bad. Also, I now suspect that a problem I've had getting the computer to use the phone's data was in the phone, not the computer. So mabe I'll pick up another phone, presumably after the pandemic. That would at least be a sizable improvement, for a while. At any rate, I have enough to keep working, however slowly!

Often when things "go wrong," it's actually an opportunity to fix things up better than ever! Like Japan did after WWII.

Here is a picture of Eagle Eyes Adventure Goggles in a "Mixed Reality" view:


Eagle Eyes Adventure Goggles!


I Am Alive

Submitted by eagle on Sat, 04/04/2020 - 17:36

This is the latest VR video!

It took over a year of off-and-on work (mostly off). Also, it took place over five to seven laptops, in about as many countries. I lost track of the exact counts!

Have fun!


Submitted by eagle on Sat, 04/04/2020 - 14:48

Ongoing frustrations. So many things not working, breaking, taking so long.

I guess do what one can.

Could one make a fabric and clothing out of mango fibers?

At least you get tons of experience and lessons along the way.

Tons more frustrations, but I guess it's part of the deal.

There are in general distractions. Go ahead anyways!

I'm getting quite frustrated at how so many things are failing. It seems so difficult to keep anything going here.

You can progress from distinguished to extinguished.

Things generally seem to go wrong, break, fail, etc., during complicated processes. Important to keep at it anyways!

Even as people scream or throw stuff at you, or whatever, just keep going! :)

It's been a long and difficult path to produce this video. Still tons more to do. Seems to strengthen the notion that the last small part can take a large portion of the effort.

A flower in Guadeloupe!

Running around Guadeloupe

Submitted by eagle on Sun, 03/29/2020 - 18:34

Two locals stole my laptop. One of them distracted me as I was wrapping it up to leave where I'd been working. The other grabbed it and ran away. I ran after, but not in enough time. Fortunately, he only took the old laptop that was on the verge of failure anyways, not my passport, wallet, phone, and other stuff right nearby.

Most stores were closed due to the Coronavirus pandemic. After walking around much of the town, I wound up at a supermarket. I left some of my stuff outside, and went in. No laptops there (some supermarkets do carry laptops, especially in these small countries). Picked up some vegetables (which the convenience store where I've been shopping during the pandemic doesn't carry much of); also, some glue to fix my shoe. While waiting in the slow line, asked the person behind me if any stores were open and sold computers. She indicated that a place somewhat far away did.

Outside the store, a bottle of soda was gone from my stuff. A guy who was begging outside the store came by, asking me if I wanted to buy a can of food, of the type that I had recently bought. I headed towards the store that may carry computers.

I walked and ran. It was a beautiful if somewhat hot day. Along the way, I noticed that I had the cans of food that I had bought! Made it to the store, which did carry computers. I bought one.

After a bunch of computer problems during setup, it does seem to run, so far.

These losses happen. Sad, but part of the process. Important to be able to handle these disruptions.

I liked running, but over long distances I far prefer biking. I think I'll still run/walk around this island, and maybe some or all of the remaining islands in this chain. Largely because it's a small area, I don't think it's worth switching to a bike setup for this since I'll likely have to get rid of the bike back on the mainland, and it's an interesting variation from what I've done.

So far, the new computer is waaaaay lighter, seems faster (although will probably slow down once I have more stuff running on it), probably has longer battery, and has a French keyboard layout and software. The French at least gives me a chance to practice that.

Also, it lacks certain annoying problems from the previous laptop, like a mouse pointer that would sometimes go berserk.

I don't know why this hasn't been invented, or if it has already: a laptop with the screen attached by extensible rods. You pull out the screen, so that it sits at eye level, while they keyboard remains at hand level.

Constant series of distractions, annoyances, problems: situation normal.

It takes a while to fix things, adjust.

It seems like there are largely problematic people in public during the pandemic, makes sense. Also makes it unappealing to stay here much longer. Also, while there are some decent folks here, they're often not my sort.

I think it's important to respond to situations as they occur, not just to follow one's initial notions.

As I've noted before, often things that seem like problems in the moment, later turn into benefits.

Weirdly, even the police station was closed. I would've thought that there would be more, not fewer police during a pandemic. I've seen a few police driving around, but not too many police out.

New laptop is lighter, quieter, has an easier keyboard, and numerous other benefits!

Like anything, it takes a bit of getting used to.

Some recent computers, like this one, resemble smartphones around as much as older computers.

Each place and time has its challenges. Seems better to tackle those challenges, instead of just wishing one didn't have challenges.

A tip for connecting to wifi. I've had numerous laptops fail to connect to wifi that my phone can connect to. Sharing a wifi hotspot from the phone disconnects it from the other wifi. However, Bluetooth network sharing (while somewhat trickier to set up) can connect to both a laptop and a wifi network, sharing the internet.

This has been one of the more frustrating weeks. Stolen laptop, weak wifi, stores closed, losing a few other small items. At least there are also better weeks!

And plus sides to these weak weeks!


I'm Caribbeaned out. Caribbean there, done that. Not entirely. There are still some places I want to go, culture I want to experience, and so forth. However, after spending the last year on Caribbean islands, and several years before that near the Caribbean, I feel worn out of the climate, much of the culture, and so forth. Looking forward to something different!

There are so many techincal problems in the Caribbean, it's a huge chore just to get anything done. (Not related to my above statement, I wrote this a while later while struggling with yet more annoyances. Well, not entirely related. It is an ongoing source of frustration, which I look forward to leaving behind.)

I do like Caribbean food and beaches, I think those are among my faves here.

Some of the islands, in particular the Latin ones, have exceedingly kind people.

The fruits are delicious!

There are numerous beautiful species of plants and animals which I was not that familiar with.

After a lengthy frustrating series of events, I've realized that I think I just went through with an incorrect render (lengthy process). As a result, I think I just wasted a bunch more resources, and STILL have more work on this left to do. One frustration piling on top of another. Yet, somehow, in situations like these I often feel a weird relief, having all thse frustrations bunched up together. Also, I tolerate this round due to the extenuating circumstances. I've been bouncing from impractical island to impractical island, struggling to stay safe, while also having a pandemic, crime, and more problems.


Tons going wrong. More computer problems, bad weather, obnoxious homeless people. Trying to solve computer problems, avoid the weather, and giving food and drinks and stuff to the homeless people.

Still, getting things done!

Wrong & Right

Submitted by eagle on Thu, 03/26/2020 - 11:03

Things often fail; go on anyways.

Finally, sun's back again!

Things are going smoothly, considering the Coronavirus. Actually, as a person who's often complained about how loud it can get in public, it feels like something of a reprieve to have the quieter, emptier streets. Still, here's hoping things improve!

Tons of computer problems. I'm looking to repair my other laptop, once the computer stores reopen.

I feel congested, I'm coughing. Hope it's not Coronavirus!

Again, things often seeming to wrong, yet working out enough!

Sunset in Guadeloupe

Not sure about other places, but here in Guadeloupe it remains fairly deserted outside.

Another beautiful morning!


Further in Point-a-Pitre, Guadeloupe!

Submitted by eagle on Tue, 03/24/2020 - 17:34

Some more pet peeves about Guadeloupe: No plastic bags at most stores, including the supermarkets. The fruit and vegetable bags that are sometimes there, are often not on their rolls, but in random places. Also, the wifi usually doesn't work, as in many other Caribbean places.

One thing I like about Guadeloupe is that here in the capital there are several free public toilets. They even seem fairly clean in their automatic maintenance. Even more so in a place where there aren't tons of restaurant chains, this is much appreciated. More places should have this!

As often happens with me, Guadeloupe continue to grow on me the longer I'm here.

After my first infatuation, which I admit was in part just because the previous places had been so difficult, I had something of a sophomore slump. But as grow together, Guadeloupe and I, we're finding each other's passions.

These days I've been using a baby stroller to carry my stuff. I've been walking and running. Tons of fun! Way different than biking, backpacking. I'm thinking of strollering for much of the rest of the Caribbean!

Tons more rain.

I ducked under a shelter in a busier central location. Someone came by on a bike, and asked how much for something, I didn't quite hear what. After I told him I was confused, he asked if I wasn't the one selling powder. Oh, wrong person.

Rock & Roll!

Eagle Gamma in Guadeloupe!

Plants & Animals of Guadeloupe!

Submitted by eagle on Mon, 03/23/2020 - 16:58

Things generally seem to go wrong, break, fail, etc., during complicated processes. Important to keep at it anyways!

Even as people scream or throw stuff at you, or whatever, just keep going! :)

I love the feeling of finishing a task, or even an important step!

Also, the feeling of idling happily in the sun! :)

So far, I've liked the coconuts I've had here in Guadeloupe. Sweet, large, juicy!

The mangos have been so-so. Flavorful but not my favorite. I've only had a small number.

Bananas have been rich.

Breadfruits have been delicious!

At my present campspot, one day as I approached I could see a cow. The cow seemed wary of me, so I didn't get too near, and

I avoided making much motion. A later day, the cow came right near me, and started eating leaves! Over time, the cow got

nearer and nearer, until I was worried that it would accidentally crush me! I moved to a different area, but it kept coming

closer, eating its way over. Cows can eat a ton! The following day, I could see that I was right under a tall coconut tree,

laden with coconuts! I moved to a different place.

This past week, Point-a-Pitre felt like a ghost town. Or, rather, a zombie town. Or a zombie town with homeless people. I'm

guessing it's going to be somewhat more of the same this week. Coronavirus.

I'm excited for another week of work, chores, eating, and other activities!


Point-a-Pitre, Guadeloupe

Money & Guadeloupe

Submitted by eagle on Fri, 03/20/2020 - 17:26

There's often an inverse relationship between cost and benefit:

Free: air, water, sex.
Cheap: bread, butter, beer.
Expensive: caviar, jewelry, boat maintenance.

Another Coronavirus day. Another Corona?

The supermarket was open for a half day. They had a deal on cheeses, so I bought a huge number. Delicious French cheese at less than the cost of many bland cheeses!1

Much quieter town. Maybe there should be regular Coronavirus pandemics?

I'm feeling much more comfortable now about the overall travel situation. After a large series of small islands with hardly any services, I was getting somewhat stressed. Here in Guadeloupe I've had tons more chance to recuperate.

Looking forward to spending a while longer here, then carry on to some more southern islands.

Let's go!

Bird in Guadeloupe

Some Further Stuff in Guadeloupe

Submitted by eagle on Tue, 03/17/2020 - 21:36

WarmSpot (n.): A piss-poor WiFi connection.

Plausibulloney (n.): Barely believable BS.

So the surgical masks were for Coronavirus.

Seems fairly serious, dozens of people are reported as having died from it globally.

Most shops here are closed. I just about didn't have any food yesterday! Found a few open places, though. Picked up some baguettes, cassoulet, and stuff. Also, I've been eating local fresh foods. Grilled some breadfruits this morning, and had some coconut and mango.

I love the tropics! You can go outside year round. Also, so many of my favorite fruits grow here, and are widely available.

Some of my pet peeves about this place (Guadeloupe) include: lack of available tap water, some loud motorcycles (as in many places), lack of dental floss in stores.

One side effect of Coronavirus is quiet public places!

Point-a-Pitre, Guadeloupe!