Crazy in Guadeloupe

Submitted by eagle on Tue, 04/20/2021 - 03:27

Looks like cruddy travel weather anyways. I'm probably better off staying. Things often seem to work out for the better even when they go against my plans.

Dealing with financial institutions has consistently ranked among my least favorite aspects of travel. Any other industry works fairly normally, but with banks it often becomes an immense frustration that affects other plans. I understand that this industry has different security/regulation issues, but it annoys me.

A sizable number of homicides are committed (at least evaluating by convictions) by schizophrenics, often "first-time" schizophrenics.

Substance abuse also accounts for many homicides. So it seems that people often kill due to serious psychosis from drugs or other causes.

Schizophrenics with low cholesterol apparently also commit more violent acts. Quick give them some butter!


Studies have shown that there is significant neuronal recruitment to this region of the avian brain during migratory flight, with the objective of enhancing cognitive potency in the nidopallium.

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How'd they figure that one out?!

Psychopaths (or sociopaths) tend to have less intelligence than average people.

Psychopathology (mental problems) usually seem to describe somewhat reasonable responses to events, e.g. injured people becoming antisocial or depressed or violent. Also, psychopathology represents a useful classification. I think that as with other complex topics, there are multiple practical ways of seeing things.


Nomadic antisocial (including schizoid and avoidant features)     Drifters; roamers, vagrants; adventurer, itinerant vagabonds, tramps, wanderers; they typically adapt easily in difficult situations, shrewd and impulsive. Mood centers in doom and invincibility.

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Wait, is that a diagnosis, or a compliment? :)

Same goes for:

Risk-taking antisocial (including histrionic features)     Dauntless, venturesome, intrepid, bold, audacious, daring; reckless, foolhardy, heedless; unfazed by hazard; pursues perilous ventures.

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Using caffeine is like using a safer cocaine or amphetamines, which may even be healthy.

Opening a bank account while traveling, or even maintaining one, is proving to be among the more annoying difficulties.

Ferries not going to Dominica anyways, borders still closed.

Stuck here! :)

It's easy to get hung up on the frustrations from specific events, but there'd be some frustrations (some the same, some different) regardless of specific events.

I guess better not to worry excessively.

I guess I'm considering this stuck-in-Guadeloupe period as a useful opportunity to work on more of my outstanding things.

Apparently the world works on Caribbean time. :)

When in the French Caribbean, you have to ask yourself often if it's going to be more French or more Caribbean. E.g.: Will the government services be more French or more Caribbean? Will the food be more French or more Caribbean?

Things seem to be developing somewhat, but slowly. Now planning around staying in Guadeloupe roughly as long as the Coronavirus runs, however long that turns out.

It's a gorgeous town, in terms of the scenery, the mountains, the beach, the plants, the animals, the houses.

Also, it's quite convenient. Large enough of a town to have the amenities, plus enough interesting sites.

Funny how your perspective or perception can adjust to such an extent, having as much effect on you as the underlying facts can.

Working more on the bank situation, not that fun. At least I have what seems like a workable provisional solution for while I'm in Guadeloupe.

At least with these somewhat annoying tasks like dealing with banks, phone companies, and such, I can practice my French! :)

Rock et Roll! :)