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Holding On!

Submitted by eagle on Mon, 07/26/2021 - 20:35

What if your hair grew faster than you could cut it?

Idea: hot pepper spray. Like pepper spray for attackers, but to put on your food. I'm guessing it's been done.

I now feel confident that I can more consistently rent!

For a while, I'd been riding/touring. Hadn't stayed in one place for a while. When I started renting recently in Guadeloupe, it felt tenuous. Now I'm feeling more firm. Also more confident in general!

Eagle Gamma

I still can't believe you can travel to different countries by bike! :)

You know it's time to go shopping when you're eating rice with vegetable oil and hot sauce, the mosquitoes are biting cuz you're out of repellent, and you're out of other basic supplies. :)

(It's been rainy so I haven't felt like going.)

(I did go shopping, also they opened a new restaurant right next door where I've gone nearly each day!)

Now Guyana may seem more appealing to me than Venezuela. Not that exciting for me, but safer anyways. I don't necessarily plan to spend more than a few weeks in either, but we all know how plans turn out. :)

Seems like much of Venezuela is mired in poverty. I don't know that I'd want to go, that it would be safe or polite to go. They may not even have drinking water.

Venezuela: the bad guys are winning.

Becoming overly comfortable. :)

Also overly uncomfortable at times.

I want to ride again soon!

I think I have enough motivations to go that I can overcome the comforts, when it comes time to go.

It's a ton more interesting to ride around different countries than to remain in a small agricultural town. :)

Eagle Gamma

The environment (in the broader sense) is already "used" rather than "new". There are threats and opportunities anywhere.

We should take advantage of the opportunities, manage the threats!

After around a year in Guadeloupe, I think this country has around my least favorite weather that I've had in the Caribbean! It seems cloudy and rainy nearly non-stop!

Idea: science fiction about if humans had three or more chromosomes. I'm guessing it's been done.

Countries evolve slowly. By traveling, you can speed up the rate of cultural evolution that you experience.

Evolutionary psychotherapy: Don't expect everything to be how you want, then feel disappointed. Expect things to have developed from nothing, then feel better.

A funny way to see things: the world as a bicycle park. Each country is a different area you can ride. :)

Exercise works as a digestif as well as a drug.

Going through some tight activities. Even the ordinary can seem extraordinary. Readying to leave, whenever! :)

Ahead! :)


Travel Plans Post-Coronavirus!

Submitted by eagle on Sun, 07/04/2021 - 14:35

I'm now having more of a wait-and-see approach for travel. Whenever the Coronavirus is over, I plan to go. It looks like it's starting to clear up, but remains an issue. I may route around Venezuela, if the situation there remains iffy.

There are generally multiple choices in life.

I'd been deciding where to go after the Caribbean islands. Mainly with Latin America. I'd considered Meso-America, Venezuela, and Guyana. Had somewhat settled on Venezuela, in part as there is supposedly a ferry from Trinidad & Tobago (the last part of the string of islands I'd planned to see) to Venezuela.

Venezuela has an unstable political situation. It's looked like it may remain unstable, or become more dictatorial, or fix itself somewhat. As the situation seems to have deteriorated somewhat. I'm now more considering Guyana again. It's right nearby. Would probably be a cheap flight instead of a ferry. It would gain me three small countries (English and French Guyana, Suriname) instead of Venezuela.

I'd wanted to do all four of those countries. From what I've seen, however, even if Venezuela does seem worth going to, it doesn't look like there's a practical method to go from Venezuela to the adjacent Guyana, due to the intervening mountain range. It seems that there's a lack of roads, and a border dispute.

Oh well.

I'm maintaining an open mind. It's probably months or well over a year until I'm ready to leave Trinidad & Tobago, if that's even where I go. So, I'm not making that decision now. We'll see how Venezuela looks when I'm closer. Also, how the transportation options are, how I feel, and any other considerations that aren't even available now.

A lot of what we learn is irrelevant or wrong.

I'm now thinking of defaulting to Guyana/Suriname/Guyane, instead of Venezuela, after Trinidad & Tobago. Open to either route, or any other I choose. A matter of what seems better at the time.

I don't necessarily wanna go into an unstable military dictatorship, where three million people have recently fled.

There may not be electricity or wifi in Venezuela for work, or for an ebike. It may be unsafe. There may not be food or toilet paper.

Not sure that I'd wanna cross the border into Venezuela. Let alone a few times, if I visit some of the offshore islands that belong to other countries.

Also, can go through with some more of the non-Spanish language before spending a while in Spanish-speaking countries. That would give Venezuela a few more years to sort itself out.

I'm excited for maybe going soon to Guyane! :)

I think my decision would be to go to Guyana/Suriname if Venezuela seems unsafe, or to go to Venezuela.

They're advertising reopenings. I'm speculating vaguely that maybe around August? I've been wrong so many times before.

Maybe I'll do the Guyanas after the island Caribbean. Would remain within the Caribbean, which I guess Venezuela would too. May make it easier to see all the countries of South America, which I can probably do anyways (and which I want to do). I think either way would probably work about as well. Often there are competing options that can each work out. We'll see! :)

Instead of worry or angry, hurry! Find practical alternatives! :)

Do you want to go to the middle of nowhere (Guyanas), or the middle of a failed socialist state (Venezuela)? I'm leaning Guyanas.

Travel is like being a kid again.

Science is like being a kid again.

Dreaming or using drugs (altering your state of consciousness) is like being a kid again.

Everything seems so new!

Going to Guyana instead of Venezuela is like clicking with the trackpad instead of the button.

Probably figuring out bank cards is comparable, too.

Conserved mentality: As we have some genes conserved for e.g. digestion/metabolism, we should also have some genes conserved for mentality. E.g. liking potatoes same as an australopithecine (ape-man) would like yams or whatever.

It's funny to see on the French products that they have (in the French Caribbean) the proudly made in France signs. I guess each country feels defensive/proud of its nationality.

Some of the restrictions in different countries seem increasingly quaint in this age of globalization. It no longer matters as much which country you're in, but I guess the laws and habits remain.

Going through my planning notes for leaving Guadeloupe, which I haven't done several months later, it seems kind of funny how excitedly I had planned to leave soon. Now I'm asking myself whether it'll even be this year!

I think it doesn’t matter too much exactly when I leave. I'm confident it'll be fine anyways. In the meantime, I've had a chance to do some work, take care of even a few more long-term chores, and adjust my plans. It may work out even better to have this extension.

I got into a "work camp" mentality while waiting out the Coronavirus. There isn't that much of interest in this location that I'd wanted to do other than work. Now it seems again like things may be reopening? Also my work situation adjusted (several times, but again recently) such that I'm now in moderate rather than heavy work mode. Feels somewhat like returning to travel mode, but different than before. Also, with remaining uncertainty over whether this is another false alarm, or whether Coronavirus is finishing.

Heavy weather. Sleeping, working. Wouldn't travel much anyways.

Even a year or so after arriving, finding new products. I guess with access to the European and Caribbean markets, I shouldn't be too surprised that there are so many products available.

Things often go surprisingly, no surprise there. :)

Go ahead!!!!! :)

Eagle Gamma


Caribbean Jottings

Submitted by eagle on Sat, 06/19/2021 - 16:34

Idea: decaffeinated chocolate. :)

Chocolate has some caffeine in it. When I eat a ton of dark chocolate, I can feel it. I suppose I can just eat non-chocolate sweets.

The taste of breadfruit is elusive. Hard to describe. Sweet, smooth, sour, soft.

Somewhat citric.  Somewhat tropical.

Somewhat like artichoke. Somewhat grassy. Somewhat like guanabana.

Seems like there's a local election going on. Trucks are driving around with music and speakers. I heard one talking about growing more bananas. This is a highly agricultural area, one of the main banana-growing regions in the country.

They have some catchy music. I think it would be funny, if not practical, to have catchy jingles during math lectures. :)

Looking at the map again, I'm becoming excited to get back out there on the road!

I've appreciated having a pause. Also, I may not have appreciated travel as much anyways with things closed due to Coronavirus. Maybe soon things will reopen!

Things normally become fucked up, for anyone. It's normal. :)

Go on!!!!! :)

Eagle Gamma

Left Brain vs. Right Brain at SimplyPsychology

Submitted by eagle on Mon, 05/31/2021 - 21:47

My latest piece is out!

Left Brain vs. Right Brain at SimplyPsychology:

The brain consists of twin halves, a left hemisphere alongside a nearly symmetrical right hemisphere.

Hemispheric lateralization is the idea that both hemispheres are functionally different and that certain mental processes and behaviours are mainly controlled by one hemisphere rather than the other.

Read it now!

Eagle Gamma at SimplyPsychology

Breadfruit & Wads of Cash!!!!!

Submitted by eagle on Mon, 05/31/2021 - 21:07

It's normal to have problems. I guess we should see it as normal to deal with them.

I'm feeling at the bottom of a cycle now. At least in some senses. Trouble at work, as well as opportunities. Problems with several long-term projects I'm working on, as well as opportunities. Issues with the bank situation, as well as opportunities. Things breaking, and rebuilding. I guess maybe not a bottom, but feeling numerous pressures.

I think that some of these issues will work out, some may not, and I can adjust, and there'll be other issues.

"No I'm not drinking! I'm an emotional mess!" :)

You often don't know what's best for you, so it can make sense to try things anyways.


Breadfruit tastes amazing!

Many people in the Caribbean seem to cook them, often when they're under-ripe (deliberately). Someone told me they can be toxic, but I don't think that's accurate. I just tried some raw, mature breadfruit, and it's sweet!

Cooked, immature: somewhat like potatoes.
Cooked, mature: somewhat like artichokes.
Raw, mature: somewhat like other topical fruits.


Melts in your mouth. Sweet, somewhat sour. Easy, convenient, fun.

Trying to cook them has often been frustrating. They mature quite fast. But why bother, when they taste better raw?


I love breadfruit!

Each one is unique.

Oh my goodness!

Smooth, creamy, sweet, flavorful.

It's like eating a giant, sweet avocado!

They should've called it "paradisefruit"!

Idea: breadfruit beer, wine, or whiskey!

(Some of my breadfruits seem to have fermented spontaneously, giving me that idea.)


Learning about celeri-rave (celeriac). Apparently you can eat it raw or cooked. As fries with mustard sauce or mayo. Sauteed, au gratin, en ragout, en frites!

Celeriac: tastes like celery.

Celeriac & Sauce

French Caribbeans only seem to use some French food. They eat tons of French bread, they eat crêpes, they eat some other French foods. But they don't seem to use others. While my French Caribbean cleaning lady was cleaning the fridge, she thought that some blue cheese had gone bad. :) Also, she had no idea what celeri-râve was.

Being an adult means you can eat as much chocolate as you want, whenever you want. :)

Stashing thousands of dollars in cash, now in Euros. My bank card expires today. I only have a "neobank" card. It seems like I can't open a traditional bank account so far with what documents I have in Guadeloupe. We'll see how long Coronavirus goes, how the banks work out!

Cash stash


Gradually Progressing

Submitted by eagle on Sun, 05/09/2021 - 19:31

Idea for a product name: Comfort Cadet. :)

Looking back over some earlier work over the weekend, I feel like I'm growing somewhat as an artist, and a person. :)

I'm the same basic person, but with a few more skills, some more knowledge.

Also I think somewhat slower now. :)

With a somewhat bigger bank account, but much more stuck in Guadeloupe. :)

Stuck in Guadeloupe for the Coronavirus with my last remaining bank card about to expire, I'm stashing some cash. I feel like a drug dealer. :)

Things often work out circuitously, but they do seem to find ways to work out!!!!! :)

The countries where I want to spend much of the next years, e.g. in Latin America, also cost less! Not that cost is my main consideration, but another nice coincidence! :)

There's tons more content than people can use, available free. Tough to stand out! I guess you have to offer something new & useful.


Yesterday, the technician from the phone company didn't show up. I bought a phone service that I don't need, so that I can have a bill to my address, so that I can open a bank account. The banks have some uptight policies. Today, the technician showed up, but said that he couldn't go ahead with the installation, due to the setup of the apartment.

This morning, the cleaning lady asked for a preposterous rate increase (again), for preparing food which she hasn't even been doing!

None of the mail that I've been expecting for months has arrived.

I feel like I'm in a comedy about the Caribbean. And it's not even Monday! :)

No matter who you are, some annoying things happen. So, I guess just deal with things, expect those, and adjust.

There'll generally be challenges, so I'm working to see life as more of a flexible challenge board, rather than in terms of problems.

Eagle Gamma

While looking at photo of Kyrgyz nomads, my thought: "I'm more nomadic than they are!" :)

Suusamyr Valley (3968060227).jpg
By Peretz Partensky from San Francisco, USA - Sassamir Valley, CC BY-SA 2.0, Link

Maybe some of them are more nomadic than I:

Ishenbek and Berkut scout for prey. (3968888530).jpg
By Peretz Partensky from San Francisco, USA - Ishenbek and Berkut scout for prey., CC BY-SA 2.0, Link

Go Eagle! :)

Psychology Theory at Massive Science!

Submitted by eagle on Sun, 05/02/2021 - 18:28

I wrote this short piece for Massive Science:

Just 15 percent of psychology studies are strongly rooted in theory

Eagle Gamma psychology writing

Psychology is the science of the human mind and behavior. It evolved from the other sciences, like biology, physics, and sociology. Along the way, it has developed into one of the more socially relevant sciences, with its findings applying to government, business, relationships, sports, and many other topics. But a key challenge for the field is that the mind is less tangible than organisms, matter, or even people themselves. The field also has a replication crisis on its hands, in addition to the skepticism that many people already hold towards the notion of studying the mind scientifically.

But does psychology even have functional theory — a set of cumulative explanations for why something is the way it is?

Please share!