Gonna Iguana

Submitted by eagle on Fri, 03/12/2021 - 18:42

The iguana often seems to cover itself in some "shelter", with its head or tail sticking out.


I guess that in mid-life you get to work to support society, unlike when you're younger or older when you work to receive society's support.

I think the iguana may have a smell, but there are enough other aromas in the area that it's hare to discern if that's the case.

What we do now shapes the future!

The iguana remains where I'd last seen it last night, under a calendar with only its head sticking out. I think it found a new sleeping place, which is much more visible than behind the fridge (where it had slept before).

Having an iguana is sort of like having a cat. It explores the place, looking attractive. It occasionally interacts with you, usually with some trepidation.

It's fun to watch the iguana move about the place. It uses different strides than other animals that we commonly interact with. Somewhat alien.

I think the iguana woke up around 5 AM. I feel like I'm becoming a scientist or a parent, observing the iguana. :)

The iguana now looks contemplative, or sad. It seems to have varying moods throughout the day.

Maybe the iguana's just resting? Do they stay as still on their own, as they do inside?

Now Juana Iguana has turned around.

After sitting around much of the morning, the iguana seems to have moved off the shelf, while I went to the bathroom. Not sure where it went, I think under the fridge? The lettuce seems maybe somewhat more eaten, but maybe just more wilted, hard to see.

I heard a sudden noise. The iguana is now on the kitchen counter. Its tail is showing. Not sure if it jumped up, or jumped over, or jumped down, or climbed up, or what.

Maybe it's eating food off the counter?

Like a cat!

Another sudden noise. I think the iguana jumped down to the floor. An acrobat!

I feel like such a "pet owner" now. The iguana seems to be rummaging around the kitchen. Every once in a while making a loud sound. I just went to see if it was up to trouble, and it scurried around.

I see what looks like torn-up or partially digested green plant matter. Has the iguana been tracking it through the apartment?

So far I haven't seen much in the way of weird iguana detritus. Do they leave around scales or other things?

Just as I was thinking and writing about the iguana, I turned around and was surprised by it!

It's somewhat addictive writing about the iguana. Maybe because it's such a different experience.

The iguana often seems to watch me, like it's observing me, too.

Interest gradient (n.): when an experience differs enough from what you know that you can derive some interest out of it.

The iguana may have eaten some of the onion after all.


Package still not here. Slow responses from the delivery company.

Suddenly I found myself thinking, "can I leave so easily with the iguana staying?"

I think I can get over it.

I still haven't actually seen the iguana eating. It's been a number of days, and it seems in fine condition, so I'm somewhat confident that it's at least finding things to eat.

Iguanas don't vocalize much. I guess there's no sense in doing so in such a non-social animal.

I've occasionally seen this iguana stick its tongue out. I think to detect chemicals in the air.

Dealing with an iguana is sort of like dealing with an extremely autistic five year old.

I think the iguana sees basically anything as branches.

Iguanas are at least easy to take photos of, given how much they stay motionless!

To "see" the iguana way: do nothing.

I left the door open, with me far from it. The iguana is now closer to the open door without me being near it than has occurred so far. Also it's feeling more comfortable moving about. Will it leave? I'm guessing not, but not that sure.

So far it hasn't left. It's on the kitchen counter.

The iguana jumped down to the ground! It's now standing just outside the door!

I'd feel somewhat down if the iguana goes, but I think it's (probably) better for the iguana to go off than to remain inside.

I feel sort of like the iguana must have felt, as I've thought to myself since it arrived. Somewhat stuck, confused, yet also somewhat comfortable.

The iguana's standing there, in the sun, not running off or running back.

The iguana imposes "obligations" on me, not real obligations but pressures. When it's sleeping or standing somewhere, I aim to avoid those locations so as not to disturb it. Now that it's just outside the door, I don't want to close the door on it.

I feel like the slow deliveries have also been "obligating" me to stay. In either case it's not a serious obligation, but it still can feel like it.

The iguana walked a few feet away!

It's still standing there, on the balcony.

Maybe it's having a sit and a think. :)

And it's gone!

No more iguana!

I feel relieved, that it's gone. Also somewhat down.