Readjusting in Guadeloupe

Submitted by eagle on Fri, 03/19/2021 - 20:12

Already (only a few minutes after the iguana left), I find it funny to watch my step as I look for an iguana.

(While editing this considerably after writing the above, I still miss the iguana, and still watch my step unintentionally.)


"That's not what I've read about critical thinking!" :)

I've lost track of how often I've been wrong. Often for the better! :)

Idea: potato slathered in melted chocolate.

Some of the recurrent themes I've noticed in my blogging:

  • Adapt!
  • Don't overly worry or fear
  • Things don't go according to plan (see "Adapt!")

I think it would feel weird to lose your language, e.g. through a brain injury or if you were a non-human animal.

I think you'd focus much more on your immediate environment.

I think much of the artificial environment wouldn't even make sense.

Words are an escape of sorts.

I think I've been wanting escapes lately. I think we all want escapes. Is it the main theme of life?

Even now, after the iguana has left, whenever I see green it feels like the iguana's there.

Iguana color is lettuce?

After sleeping, woke up, still half-expecting to see the iguana.

It's somewhat sad not to have the iguana around, but also somewhat of a relief.

I keep checking for the iguana when I open a door, walk into a different area of the apartment, or move around, even though it's been gone for a day.

Stable systems develop over time, undergo numerous tests that rock them, then eventually dissipate.

A couple of days after the iguana has left, I still finding myself looking for it.

I think that a lot of people (including at some times myself) have a notion that if they do well enough at some task, say making money or having relationships or studying in school, then this will resolve their issues. I think that actually any of those leaves issues or presents new issues. They can be valuable activities, but I think it's somewhat illusory how we often see the expected outcomes.

No matter who you are, things don't go according to plan.

I feel like I'm going through the same challenges as before, by and large. Packages not arriving, weather cloudy, emotions often down, work struggles, things not going as planned. Also some more upbeat stuff, not that it's all negative but just that the negative parts seem the same as before. I can understand and tolerate that, and I'm thankful to have such a modest worry. Also super upbeat about the future!

Potatoes covered in melted chocolate: a delicious combination! Even better with butter!



Seems like the Coronavirus is likely to affect things for a while. I predict more frustrations.

I often feel conflicted. I think that's actually a somewhat reasonable feeling, given the conflicts that so often occur in our environment.

When you feel conflict, it can make sense to go ahead and do SOME action.

We make mistakes. Not as big of a deal as it seems.

The weather seems to have an extremely fast, powerful effect on my emotions. Not sure how representative I am of people in that regard. I often feel like the weather affects what I can or can't realistically do during the day.

They were practically giving away the cheese, so I've eaten like fifteen pounds of French cheese over the last few days. Not feeling tired of it. :)

Sun's back out!

I feel like a different person!

Rock & Roll!!!!!!!!!!!! :)