Snowy Owl Barrow AlaskaWorlds O Wisdom (WOW) provides unique information on meaningful action: what to do, why, how, when and where, how much, and above all: who. (Or, as Wally Wowl would say: Hoo!)
What is WOW? It is a community of people who care about experience, and who want to explore values. What should one do? Why? In which conditions? We get together in order to answer these and other questions. Current WOWs include CodeWOW and LifeWOW and TaleWOW.

Our mission is to find and create our values. The meanings of life. The reasons or motivations for what we do. We have a general philosophy, and we construct many specific philosophical positions.
If Wikipedia can tell you "what is" (knowledge), and WikiHow can tell you "how to" (technique), then Worlds O Wisdom can tell you "what to" (wisdom). What is the best way?
To achieve our goals in the pursuit of our mission, we have several specific tools, or Worlds of Wisdom (WOWs). These include CodeWOW, a community repository of codes of conduct, and TaleWOW, a community repository of tales of adventure.
We have a pragmatic outlook. The purpose of our resources is to enhance our understanding and ability to achieve our goals. We benefit from the "wisdom of the crowds." Currently, humanity occupies the main local block of "agentspace," so our moral and ethical guidelines focus on aspects of humanity: individual, social, and civilizational. Moreover, one can communicate about animal or artificial or other moral agency.
With humanity, we tend to learn through experience and communication. Communications can take different forms, including relatively matter-of-fact statements, and metaphorical storytelling. Hence, we discuss both explicit moral codes (CodeWOW), and more implicit figurative advice (TaleWOW). We also delve into new media (LifeWOW).
Life for an agent is an adventure. Whether the physiological adventures we encounter in our everyday lives, or the psychological adventures we embrace in narrative, we can improve our capacities through collaborative efforts to develop our philosophical worldviews.
Worlds O Wisdom is a new and exciting way for us to get together and analyze, share, and dream about our lives. What should we do? Why? How? Who will we become?
Let's explore!