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LIFE: Rebirth

A new star is born! :)
LIFE: Rebirth is the first episode of a new animation series. It depicts the adventures of TEM, the Transparently Evolving Machine, throughout the universe. Watch now, and share with all your friends! :)

Many thanks to everyone who has been involved in bringing this to fruition.
You can send any comments to life@worldsowisdom.com!
Rock & Roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Boston!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Here is a map update to Boston:

Rock & Roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

LIFE - Rebirth - Bubbleworld!!!!!!!!! :)

Here is a little teaser video of the current progress of the first episode of LIFE. Check it out! :)

Rock & Roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

New England!!! :)

Going traveling through New England, including Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine, etc. Those are hard to spell. Seeing lots of leaves changing color!!! :)
By the way, beer makes you strong! :)

You can see the whole photo and video album here!!!!!!! :)
Rock & Roll!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

LIFE @ NY Comic Con!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Over the weekend, we showed a world premiere of LIFE at New York Comic Con, the biggest popular culture event on the east coast!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

We're still making changes before posting up the web version, which is COMING SOON! :)
Rock & Roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

El yeti olvideno

Nuevo cuento, primer borrador!!! :)
(Disculpa los errores de espanol)
El yeti olvideno

Habia una vez un yetito, un chiquito chavo que jugo en nieve. Y en esa nieve disfruto la fria, y tambien la absencia de color. Otro uso por la nieve: hacer una bebida, como agua pero mas fria.
Un dia, bien fria y ventoso, el yetito fue mas al sur. Aunque hizo un monton de calor, y habia tantos colores, y todos tipos de frutas y animales y personas. Sentiendo triste, el yeti continuo hasta el ecuador.

Rocanrol! :)

Fellow Travelers

Continuing in New York, meeting interesting people and seeing more of the city... Recently we met Michael Johnson-Chase, in Manhattan. He also travels by bike, while doing environmental work to help people generate solar electricity. Check out his blog here!

Rock & Roll! :)

LIFE - Rebirth - Introduction! :)

Here is the first introduction sequence for LIFE:

Rock & Roll! :)

More New York!!! :)

Spending some more time in NYC, exploring the burroughs, eating pizza, loving it! :)
Biking in the city is way easier than expected, with lots of bike lanes and other infrastructure.
Took the Staten Island ferry, what a scenic ride!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Rock & Roll!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

New York City!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Made it to NYC!!! :)
The Big Apple!!!!!!!!!!! :)
While crossing the Brooklyn Bridge, it started to rain. A few dozen people gathered at the peak, under a small amount of protection. We had a great view of the Manhattan skyline at night. I heard around as many languages as there were people.

Here's the latest travel map, up to New York, NY, USA! :)

Rock & Roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)



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