LifeFLOW - Big Update!!! :)

Lots of news with LifeFLOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Now each creature can have its own personality or behavior. Still pretty basic to start, but it's fun to play with and the core is there to construct cool new functionality!!! :)
Also, the creatures now continue to live and move even after leaving their areas and returning.
Furthermore, there is now a clearer description, and various other improvements.
You can play with it yourself at
You can see a sample specimen at LifeBANK.
And you can watch demo videos below:

Rock & Roll!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

LifeFLOW new moves!!! :)

Check out the new video:

The life form is also available at LifeBANK! :)
Update: Just uploaded the newest code over at LifeFLOW. You can check out a few more stably moving things at Area-80. Developing! :)
Rock & Roll!!! :)

Miami Beach!!! :)

Aerogel! :)

Cool stuff! :)
(BTW is this something that would be made by an Aerosmith? Just asking...)

Aerogel hand.jpg
By Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech - NASA Stardust Website, Public Domain, Link

Aerogelflower filtered.jpg
By Aerogelflower.jpg: No information.
derivative work: JovanCormac - Aerogelflower.jpg, Public Domain, Link

Stardust Dust Collector with aerogel.jpg
Public Domain, Link

Aerogel is a synthetic porous ultralight material derived from a gel, in which the liquid component of the gel has been replaced with a gas.[1] The result is a solid with extremely low density[2] and low thermal conductivity. Nicknames include frozen smoke,[3] solid smoke, solid air, or blue smoke owing to its translucent nature and the way light scatters in the material. It feels like fragile expanded polystyrene to the touch. Aerogels can be made from a variety of chemical compounds.[4]

Aerogel @ NASA Stardust

Electroclassical! :)

Some fun study muzik: combine simultaneously electronic (e.g. psytrance) with classical! :)
Pretty much any music sounds good with electronic! :)
BTW a cool avocado-related album here! :) (especially 06 - Haas to be Hass, although the whole album's great)

If you like it, donate to the artists! :)
Rock & Roll & Electronic & Classical! :)

Message in A Bottle

Recently I sent out a message in a bottle. Hope someone gets it! Look around if you're near the Atlantic Ocean... :)

Rock & Roll!!! :)
Random thought: By the way, has anybody made a t-shirt that just says in simple B&W: "T-SHIRT"?

GiftWOW!!! :)

Happy to announce the new GiftWOW!!! :)

GiftWOW lets us make arrangements with each other to send and receive gifts on a regular basis.

By giving and receiving, we fulfill our mutual needs, while satisfying our desires for helping other people and anticipating good news.

Rock & Roll!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

LifePALETTE v0.3!! :)

New release: LifePALETTE v0.3!!! :)
Now you can add circles that move in cool ways.
Give it a try, and let us know what you think! :)
Release notes and download.
Enjoy!!!!!!!!! :)

I <3 Biking! :)

After a brief hiatus, I've gone back to biking around town again, and it's fabulous! :)

Rock & Roll!!! :)



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