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Capesterre Belle Eau, Guadeloupe!

Submitted by eagle on Sun, 08/30/2020 - 18:06

I'm covered in war wounds!

You really get to know yourself, inside and out, while going through challenges.

Keep going!

Eagle Gamma @ Capesterre Belle Eau !

Feeling much better after another night's sleep!

Continuing to heal.

The losses seeming trivial in comparison to the gains!

Keep at it!

I'm still hungry, a few days after descending from the mountain! I keep on eating, then becoming hungry again almost right away.

Sure seems much easier to work on a laptop than to survive brutal outdoors challenges!

Carrying on!

Hm. After leaving my old, supposedly dead phone plugged in, it seems to power on. Shows 1% battery, but staying on longer than expected. Seems to function roughly normally. Doesn't connect to USB properly, I think one of the metal pins broke off while I was trying to charge it in frustration in the rain in the mountain. Now manually copying out some audio files, a somewhat painful process. Maybe still works?

Oh, phone went off. Maybe it just had some extra juice in it. Ah well.

Tough while lately, but also tons of desirables!

Keep at it!

I'm healing more. Starting to feel like a mix of normal with recovering patient.

I think that life's like that. You're healing from one adventure, preparing for another.

It's another beautiful morning here. Woke up early, after an early night's sleep. They started setting up for some jazz last night, but I must've fallen asleep before the show.

It's tough to complain about things not working according to plan, when the alternatives can also work at least as well!

Take survivable chances! :)

Another idea for marketing for earplugs: an ad in which they're shown as comparable to a woman's nipples. :)

Each adventure that we go through, we take on new lessons, capacities, traits. Yet, we also retain our previous selves.

Weather turned out not so great. Now I'm happy to stay here!

Looks like there aren't many remaining places where I'd want to stay a while and work, here in Guadeloupe. As such, considering even staying in this hotel for much of the rest of the Coronavirus!

My mountain wounds are healing. I can now move almost normally.

Looking up Venezuela (for work). The first suggested searches involve the current situation there. I guess I'm not the only one keeping tabs!

Fruits work surprisingly well on sandwiches, especially with cheese!

Finally catching up on these notes. Above from St. Claude, recovery. Below after riding to next location!


I'm basically ready to leave Guadeloupe. If the Coronavirus were over, I would head to the remaining islands that I want to see in this country, then continue to Dominica.

Made it to the next town, Capesterre Belle Eau. I think I'm likely to stay here for at least a few weeks, maybe even months, until the Coronavirus seems over.

I've seen and done what I want to in Guadeloupe. Also had a huge chance to repair (myself and my stuff). Basically just want to hop to a few remaining small islands here, then do the remainder of the Caribbean that I'm aiming to see. Still, difficult to predict how long this'll take.

There are always challenges. It's important for us to manage challenges and work towards goals. Complaining about challenges or getting too wrapped up or lost in them, instead of doing what one can then moving on, can cause even more harms.

It seems difficult to make same-day or day-before reservations. Understandably Airbnb hosts have difficulty dealing with late requests. There aren't many hotels around these small towns (there isn't even one here). Also, many places don't have street addresses and it can be difficult to find the place, among other problems making arrangements. I like the flexibility of being able to find a place whenever, but it seems somewhat impractical. I'm thinking of aiming for more advance planning, and as mentioned previously for somewhat longer stays. Would probably reduce the costs in renting.

My reasoning concerning the Coronavirus is that, while I think that they've technically reopened the borders, I don't want to get into a difficult situation getting stuck or not allowed into another country with all of the other Coronavirus difficulties. I've had enough problems crossing Caribbean borders before the Coronavirus.

Even after drinking huge amounts of water, I'm still thirsty!

There are some common patterns within countries, and some among many countries. These make things seem consistent, which can be logistically easier but emotionally more complicated.

I'm going to aim for at least a few weeks, maybe even a few months, here. It's considerably longer than I've spent in any place since -- oh, actually not that long ago, P-a-P. My priority now is on work, while the Coronavirus works its way out.

The place where I'm staying now, an apartment in Capesterre Belle Eau, Guadeloupe, covers the entire top floor of a building. On one side, I can see the large volcanic mountain where I came from. On the other side, I can see the sea where I'm going. Poetic!

I feel like things have changed considerably for me here in Guadeloupe. When I arrived, I was having difficulties getting anywhere, with much of my stuff broken. Still having numerous difficulties with much broken stuff, but now I'm consistently renting nice places, replacing or repairing things. In part I think the result of months, years, decades of working towards goals. Also, trying different, more practical approaches. Plus luck.

BTW, having some instant milk lately (I often don't drink milk due to the lactose). Tastes more like cow than fresh milk. Apparently the powder process preserves the flavors. Cow aroma particles.

An idea: mix water, sugar, salt, vegetable oil, corn starch, soy protein isolate, and a vitamin & mineral supplement. Probably the cheapest and grossest way to get a complete, balanced diet! :)

Paying much lower rent here than at other place in this country (Guadeloupe). The first night was expensive, it was through an agency which appears to take a large cut. Now dealing directly.

Microwave broke, so I'm cooking with gas for the first time in a while. Lentils, potatoes, many herbs & spices, coffee, milk, sugar. Yum!

It's stressful dealing with finding a place on a regular basis. More comfortable to have a place.

The small town where I'm now staying is called Capesterre Belle Eau. Even though "Eau" means "Water" in French, the place where I'm staying has had the water out on the first and third days out of three!

The place is surrounded by the sea and the sources where they bottle water, and it's raining!

At least the water is back on now.

Feels nice to have a place for a somewhat longer while. I can relax more, cook. There are also benefits to traveling often, like frequently seeing new places. Still, I'm sore, tired, happy to have a while in one place.

Keep on going!


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