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Trial & Error!

Submitted by eagle on Wed, 09/16/2020 - 16:27

Water's off again!

Is it going off every other night? That'd be weird. There was a huge rain storm yesterday, and rain storms most other days. It's still raining now! Maybe it's just a poor service? Maybe I'll start collecting rainwater! :)


Bit of a health scare yesterday. After not eating much but largely getting by on coffee and sugar for around a day, while waiting for the storm to pass so that I could go shopping, felt some pain and weakness in my left arm and chest. I think a mix of low nutrients, high caffeine, the effects of the weather system, and my already somewhat tense veins, plus applying weight disproportionately on that side for an extended period while working.

You know you've drunk enough caffeine when the mosquitoes seem slow.

I've been feeling better on and off as the weather has improved somewhat. Also, I tried drinking some more coffee and tea, and didn't feel worse; if anything, I felt better. So I think it's just my body's reaction to the cloudy, rainy, stormy weather.

(Since then the problem's largely gone away with the weather, I think it's my body's response to this storm weather.)

After months (I think) of rework, finally ordered the next round (second ever) of Eagle Eyes Goggles!!!!!

Looking forward to seeing what they're like! :)


Seems like the water is indeed on only every other day.

I like to see each task or activity that we do as a package containing challenge and pleasure and reward.


I tried cooking up some of the root vegetables and fishes that I purchased recently. One of the roots, which I think is called ñame, tastes delicious (if somewhat plain). I think I've had it at a few Caribbean eateries, and not liked it that much because it was dry and bland. I made it in a spicy soup, which seems to work way better for my tastes. I also used a local root, whose name I forgot. So far tastes not as appealing to me, but I'll try some more. Some root vegetables can be mildly toxic, not sure about any of the ones I used. Feeling decent for now anyways! :)

Wrong again! Water's back on, same day.

(Since then the water's remained largely on.)


Roots and fish soup with hot peppers, onions, garlic, salt & pepper, allspice (? - bois d'inde - yes, allspice), tasty!


After eating some more of the local root, I like it somewhat more. I still think it has a somewhat unpleasant aftertaste.


Looks like the Coronavirus is still going strong! Wouldn't even be allowed into the US if I wanted to go now, if I'm reading things right.


Maybe I'm stuck here for a while? Sounds fine!


Seems like a weird situation, with some advantages. Stuck in the French Caribbean! :)


I can still go to the Democratic Republic of the Congo!


It's kind of crazy. We live in a time when we have machines that work millions of times better than our biological brains and bodies evolved to be able to work, but we still complain! :)


So it looks like "ñame" is actually the same as yam. I already knew yams, but they use way different varieties or species here. Apparently it's unsafe raw, but usually safe cooked.


My reaction to reading about Japanese food: "ew, weird."

My reaction to reading about Indian food: "mm, yum!"


I'm feeling better overall than I was around a year ago, I think.


Traveling's difficult, as the etymology (as in "travails") indicates. Still, it frees you up. Also provides plenty of opportunities to grow socially, culturally, physiologically, psychologically.


As much as I like some places, after a while I feel like I've seen enough. Then there's more reward in trying different places.

After seeing much of the Caribbean, I'm also somewhat exhausted again, but this time in much stronger condition as far as logistics. Instead of having a beach bum break, I'm having a work camp break!


Pro Tip: There's no hangover if you drink in the morning! :)


I'm becoming much more of a sour-taste person. I used to avoid many sour foods, except as a brief refresher. Now I'm becoming far more of a sour fanatic. I think it started or increased with the vinaigrettes that are common in the Caribbean. Also, I think that it's extremely refreshing in this hot, humid climate. Now I'm even drinking straight vinegar! :)


Does anyone make deep-fried whole potatoes? I'm not sure if they'd cook all the way through, but if chicken does then wouldn't a whole potato? I'd like to try a deep-fried whole potato.


Go on!

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