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Continuing with this round of editing, I'm now almost halfway through, and should finish this week! :)
I can't say it enough, how going through this story again reminds me of so many amazing times, and plus it's beautifully written and sure to enlighten and entertain!!! :)
Ten stars out of five!!! :)
You'll love it even more than I do!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
While doing some important book research, I want to share the following with you:
Apparently any of the following are acceptable for the plural of avocado: avocados, avocadoes, avocadi! :)

Also, Spanish has many ways of saying aguacates o paltas! :)
Avocado with cross section edit
Y informacion importante para cocinar:

Tatemar es un verbo cuya etimología proviene del nahua tlatemati, que significa poner sobre el fuego para soasar un alimento. En México es una técnica para asar o tostar los alimentos, generalmente sobre el comal. Por ejemplo, para elaborar los tradicionales chiles rellenos es necesario poner los chiles a tatemar en el comal, dándoles la vuelta hasta que luzcan quemados y se desprenda el hollejo o piel delgada. O bien para preparar salsas y moles se suele tatemar el jitomate o el tomate verde.

De acuerdo con Eduardo Marín, prestigiado chef mexicano, saber tatemar es uno de los requisitos básicos para practicar la cocina mexicana. Quienes ignoran cómo cocinar al rescoldo, tatemar o asar en comal, no podrán elaborar recetas elementales como son las salsas que acompañan a la mayoría de los platillos mexicanos. [1]. Ahora bien, la gastronomía prehispánica supone -como muchas otras- el empleo de la mayoría de los sentidos, de modo que el proceso de tatemado no depende sólo de reconocer con la vista el momento en que un alimento está debidamente tostado, sino, por ejemplo, detener el cocimiento cuando comienza a despedir un olor particular.

Es también sinónimo de quemar o incendiar: "El establecimiento, inaugurado en marzo de 1944, permaneció activo hasta el 16 de septiembre de 1951, fecha en que se tatemó" (Armando Jiménez, Cabarets de antes y de ahora en la ciudad de México, Plaza y Valdés, México, p. 68).
Uso figurado

En el lenguaje popular de México, tatemar se usa para indicar que una persona ha cometido un error tal que es público y los demás lo juzgan mal, ha perdido prestigio, o ha quedado descreditado: "se tatemó", "ya me tatemé", "lo tatemaron". Es equivalente a "quemar" en ese sentido figurado.
Enlaces externos

Fotos y explicaciones del procedimiento de tatemado de los chiles poblanos para prepararlos rellenos.

Véase también

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Rocanrol!!! :)


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Today I started the process of turning my draft of Astrotripping into a readable manuscript.
It's going well, despite some challenges!
Working at the UAB library.
Jerry-rigged my broken phone charger with a can of fish, a power cord, and a poster of a fire-breathing dragon.
Being a writer! :)
Rock & Roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


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Having decaf with whipped cream at Starbucks, after samosas at a little Kenyan hole-in-the-wall, with an awesome tomato-based hot sauce.
Birmingham seems like a rough city. Lots of people in tough straits, difficult to get around. Still, it's a really big and intricate city!
Rock & Roll!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Seasoned Mixed Greens

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I love these things!!!!!!!!!!! :)
In the South, it can sometimes be hard to find any kind of vegetable for hundreds of miles around. So I stockpile various greens 'n' beans, especially from the Margaret Holmes line. With rich smoky flavors, these are nutritious and delicious. Much better than a plain old can of spinach! These are available at pretty much every shop in the South, although I'd never heard of or seen them before getting here.

You can see a lengthier list of their products here!
By the way, I also love how at Amazon you can get such earthy, deep reviews for a can of greens:

A very nice change of pace from your normal collards or turnip greens. This is a
combination of turnip, kale and mustard greens. And if you've never had mustard
greens they do have a flavor that is peppery and somewhat bitter. Thats probably
what the other reviewer mistook as a "tobacco" flavor. In any event, the mustard
greens are very healthy, have documented anti-cancer properties, and are a nice
complement to the crunchy goodness of the kale, and the stringy magic of the
turnip greens.

Makes a great side dish with fish or chicken, but these greens really shine alongside
pork dishes, and especially pulled or roast pork. Another winner from Margaret Holmes.
Check out their website for the full product line complete with recipes and videos.


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Woohoooooo! :)
Made it to Birmingham, Alabama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
This city is a mix of beauty and ugly. An old industrial engine in the southern heart of America, it spreads out among the beautiful hills and rivers.
The place has lots of hospitals and churches, not so much in the way of convenient areas to walk and stop.
I love arriving in a city. The lights, the people, the noises, the tunnels, the spraypraint, the buildings, the traffic, the near-death experiences, the magic, the wonder, the life!!! :)
On the ride over here, I stopped in at a Bojangles, another fried chicken chain. (There are many here.) The chicken and biscuits were OK, maybe somewhat subpar with too much oil. The place played Christian rock music non-stop, which I haven't heard done elsewhere.
Getting set for an awesome new week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Rock & Roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)