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Year Six: Just for Kicks! :)

Submitted by eagle on Wed, 03/06/2019 - 10:37


After another quiet year in Miami, I've produced a few new works, and had some fun. How has your last year gone?

I am now working with Zeynep Sen of Word|Link literary agency to place Astrotripping with a publisher!

In other news, I made some virtual reality (VR) videos! If you have a headset, you can watch these in stereoscopic 3D. Otherwise, you can still navigate manually.

Also, I made this 3D animation of the solar system:

And these 3D music videos:



I made new 3D games:

And I started a wiki for rhinosinusitis (stuffy nose):

Also, I wrote a series of adventure articles for Mud Tribe:

You can see this message at Worlds O Wisdom (WOW), where I also post further news.

Have a wonderful year!



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