What should Eagle do to make Year 5 the best yet?

Submitted by eagle on Thu, 03/30/2017 - 01:10

What should Eagle do to make Year 5 the best yet? (CodeWOW)

What should Eagle do in Year 5?

After four amazing years of adventures, it's time to figure out a game plan for Year 5! :)

Eagle wants to work this year, can include any combination of freelance work and whatever else. Eagle also would like to explore more of this world. Below are the main options currently under consideration, others are possible! :)

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Biking the Eastern USA

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In response to some recent conversations, here are a few tips on touring the East Coast USA:
The East Coast is the basis of much American culture, it's a good place to ride, and flat and easy. It's heavily developed, if you want more scenery I'd recommend detouring inland to see the Appalachian mountains, especially the Great Smokey Mountains. Try lots of food, music, etc., and meet people. In the Southeast, I'd recommend seeing Miami, Key West if it's not too far out of your way, Savannah GA, Charleston SC, and lots of small towns. In the Northeast, the major cities are all tied together, I'd ride all of those. Baltimore is a surprisingly good city to visit BTW. If you can, try to make it to New England (MA/CT/NH/VT/etc.), at least for a bit, it's one of the nicest parts of the country. The people in the Southeast (not including Miami) tend to be friendly, warm, although conservative. The people in the Northeast cities tend to be more sharp, liberal, although sometimes quite rude. Overall it's a great trip and I'm sure you'll have a good time. Please let me know if you want anything else! :)

Rock & Roll!!! :)

Update with further thoughts:
In Florida, aside from Miami and the Keys (popular places to visit), the Everglades are gorgeous and have an ecosystem unlike anything else in the country. Georgia is one of my favorite states, it's very rural, the people incredibly friendly, and everything so beautiful. The Carolinas and Virginia are very historical, worthwhile especially for those interested in early American times. In New England, I would highly recommend the seacoast, it's charming and a lot more interesting than the interior. The people there are friendlier than the rest of the northeastern states, and the food is delicious.

Going inland, it depends how far you go. If you're not committed to staying close to the coast, you could venture out as far as Louisiana, which features New Orleans, Cajun country, Creoles, and more. To get there is a long way through Alabama and Mississippi, which have their Deep South charms although are quite culturally different than much of the more modern states. Tennessee and Kentucky are some of the most scenic states, which I think you'd like. They have hills, farms, towns, big skies, good music, and horses and whiskey. Very American.

West Virginia is a nice camping area, it's got a small population. Pennsylvania is a diverse state, blending together tastes of many neighboring states. Up north, if you venture further inland, Chicago is worth a visit. Indianapolis is surprisingly cosmopolitan, and southern Indiana surprisingly scenic.

Texas is a neighboring country, which if you feel like could provide a different view of the US. :)

New story ideas at Talewow!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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Check out these cool new story ideas over at TaleWOW, and take a shot at drafting one up! :)

Still Alive: A person appears to be dead, yet subtle tests at the hospital reveal that the person is actually alive. Unable to move or speak or otherwise communicate, the person's only way to communicate with the outside world is through special equipment that reads brainwaves. What adventures go on in the person's mind - and, through the machine, what adventures take place in the world outside?

Rock & Roll!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Year Four: Time for More! - East Coast USA - 12 Episodes of LIFE - Adventures!

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Hi there!
How are you?
I'm doing great, back in Miami celebrating another year of adventures. After riding by bicycle up to New York City, I traveled together with Avril up to New England, and then we went back down together to Florida. Along the way came twelve gorgeous episodes of the 3D animation science fiction series LIFE!

Travel-wise, the route went up north through Florida's Gulf of Mexico coast and the interior, Georgia and South Carolina's Atlantic coast, an odyssey into the heartland of North Carolina, coastal Virginia, a dip into Delaware, the Megalopolis of Washington-Baltimore-Philadelphia-New York, and a jaunt through New Jersey and Maryland.
After meeting Avril in New York, we went through the New England states of Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts, including Boston. On the way back down south, we traversed Pennsylvania (Hershey's chocolate!!!), West Virginia, Tennessee, the amazing Blue Ridge Parkway and Cherokee Park and Great Smokey Mountains, and a return through the Carolinas and Georgia to Florida.
What a trip! :)
You can view the entire route map here:

And here's an image:

By the way, the map software estimates total trip distance to date at around 20,000 miles / 30,000 kilometers…
For lots more notes and photos on the trip, check out my blog at Worlds O Wisdom!

Meanwhile, I did the writing/voice-acting/direction/production/3D-animation/sound-effects/audio-engineering/website/best-key-grip (whatever that is)/singing/songwriting/instruments/video-editing/marketing/research/administration/etc., with a lot of help and inspiration, for the brand new 3D science fiction animation, LIFE!
You can watch the whole season in High Definition here:

For teasers, trailers, art, and more, you can also check out the LifeWOW website.

REQUEST: Please let me know of any leads or ideas you have for sponsors, distributors, or other supporters! (eagle@eaglegamma.com).

Where would you suggest I go in the upcoming year? What would you suggest I do?
Looking forward to hearing from you! :)
Miami, Florida, USA, Earth