Rent an area for LifeFLOW!!!!!!!!! :)

Submitted by eagle on Fri, 05/27/2016 - 02:54

New! Now you can rent an area for creatures to play around in at LifeFLOW! :)
Each area is an environment in which these digital machines roam about freely. With your area, you can add as many creatures as you want, and we will work together to improve the flow. Currently, areas are available in pixel sizes of 450 x 450, 900 x 450, and 900 x 900. For custom sizing or other requests, please contact Rent a LifeFLOW area full of creatures now! :)



LifeTUBS are a fun activity for kids of any age! :)
It's simple: just take a tub, for example an empty jar of peanuts, and collect cool stuff! :)
A LifeTUB is like a little garden that anyone anywhere anywhen can cultivate! :)
For a special type that you can wear as jewelry, see LifePENDANTS! :)
What shapes and colors and textures and densities does your garden grow? Which parts move the fastest? What makes a LifeTUB beautiful?
Here are a few examples: