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The Flying Burrito

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Welcome to LifeFLOW! :)

"Wow, cool!"

"Now this is something!"

- Actual quotes from players.

LifeFLOW is a fun evolving part of Life Worlds O Wisdom (LifeWOW). It is kind of like a game, and kind of like nature! :)

LifeFLOW creatures are actually alive! Play with LifeFLOW like you would an aquarium, except on your digital device! :)

Our life world

This story describes an experience of playing with LifeFLOW in the future! :)

As I play with Lilyana, we take a look at our LifeFLOW area. The creatures move about, minding their own business, before a few of them catch on to our presence.

Mind you, this is a long time after the original LifeFLOW. Those early ones were preposterously simple, basically just some artistic shapes moving about in patterns so simple that they could have been crafted by hand.

But nowadays, after years of evolution, our areas are way more fun to play with. Look, there goes one now.

"What should we call it?" asks Lilyana.

"I dunno, how about 'Squiggles'? That's sort of the shape it's making."

And as I say that, the little worm-like thing bobs around a few obstacles. It moves suddenly, in little squirts and splats, unlike some of the other creatures that have been hanging around longer.

"Oh look, I think Squiggles wants to play with Malobar," says Lilyana

She's referring one of our favorite creatures. Malobar started off as a descendant of Kawn, one of the longest surviving ancestries in our life world. Now, Malobar has developed to the point of tool use -- taking various parts of the area, and rearranging them to make it possible for Malobar to go around faster, for example by riding on a set of rails made from bent wall pieces.

The whole thing just goes to show: you never know what to expect while playing with LlifeFLOW. One day you see a simple shape, the next day you see a new community.

"Kind of like us," as Lilyana likes to say.

Watch the sweet LifeFLOW video! :)

The science and technology of LifeFLOW

You can think of LifeFLOW as a digital vivarium, or digitarium (i.e. a virtual terrarium/aquarium). We create and play with living electronic creatures who travel their environmental realms. How cool is that? :)

A hylozoogical garden, a constructal instructal, a physical living receptacle between the mathematical and the biological, however you look at it LifeFLOW is a perspective-warping wonderworld! :)

LifeFLOW is a little place where we can play with moving machines. Each of these creatures goes around the area exploring and playing. You can observe them move, interact with them by touching, cloning, creating, removing, and more. New features continue to become available. You can also navigate around many different areas. Please contribute something to the flow, and enjoy! :)

For extra special creatures, we store information about them at LifeBANK. This includes data like name and code, and metadata like imagery and what makes each creature so special.

You can create a variety of creature types already, and we're continuing to add more. Try pressing some of the buttons! :)

A few tips: Use the blue square navigator to browse around the areas. Use the green square browser to navigate among the creatures. Currently most of the creatures are geometric, a few are naturalistic. Column six (creatures 60-69) contains psychedelic creatures. Currently areas save every full period. Columns four to six (areas 40-69) contain three different psychedelic backgrounds, one for each of those columns. We're still in the very early stages and welcome your comments on growth and development!

Some questions for consideration: How would you describe LifeFLOW? How does a digitarium compare with a terrarium or aquarium? Do you consider LifeFLOW creatures "alive"? What does it mean to you for something to be alive? What does evolution have to do with living? What is life?

Some questions for improvement: What do you like or dislike about LifeFLOW? What do you want next? What do you think would make LifeFLOW more useful, beautiful, interesting?

Development: LifeFLOW is free and open source (MIT license). Come join us (at GitHub) in creating the coolest software on the planet! :)

Contact: life@worldsowisdom.com! :)

Embed LifeFLOW! :)

To embed LifeFLOW into your website, please use the following code:


Here is some music. Please let us know what else you would like! :)