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Life: Tree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Now announcing episode six of LIFE: Tree!!!!!!!! :)

Enjoy!!! :)

Back to Baltimore and Washington!!! :)

Revisiting a few of the big east coast cities on the way back down south! :)

Rock & Roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

LIFE: Change!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Announcing the new episode of LIFE: Change!!! :)

Rock & Roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Back to New York! :)

Heading down southward...

Rock & Roll!!!!!!!!! :)

LIFE: Medium!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

An amazing new chapter in the series of LIFE: Medium!

Rock & Roll!!! :)

Map Update to Providence, RI!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Rock & Roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Get your shopping done early! :)

Prepare for the gift-giving season! :)

Rock & Roll!!! :)

LIFE: Scale!!!!!!!!!! :)

Enjoy the new episode of LIFE! :)

Rock & Roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Providence, Rhode Island!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

After some more Massachusetts, which I can now almost spell, just crossed into Rhode Island today! :)
Recently have seen some New World areas of interest -- including Plymouth, where the Pilgrims landed and had Thanksgiving, as well as New Bedford, where whalers went including Herman Melville who wrote Moby Dick -- along with plentiful charming scenery, while meeting really friendly and interesting people along the way! :)

Rock & Roll!!!!!!!! :)



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