Cuba blog April 6 continuation

Submitted by eagle on Sun, 05/19/2019 - 15:15

What do I want to know? What are people like in different countries? What are different places like? Maybe I'm curious about geography & culture. Not necessarily In a technical way.  There are some insights technically, e.g. what makes a city, etc. Maybe interview some geographers, average people, etc. I don't know.  Is that interesting to other people? Maybe.

I'm tired. I want safety, comfort, company, etc. I have to work for it.

It's inconvenient on an island. After this, I look forward to being back on a continent. Not sure that there are too many "islands" I want to visit. Probably a bunch, but they're hard to get to… maybe later. It seems safe on an island, I guess people know each other, you can't get far away…

There are mess ups on the way, it's part of the process. At least I can write these up. So I'm now in Cuba, stressed out, but trying more things…

I can write about as much as I want. Just not sure what to say.

Maybe I need to sleep differently. I just want to be able to shut down. I'm disturbed. Maybe that's an urban thing? distURBed…

I haven't seen any tents in Cuba, not sure where they'd be sold.

It's like being in an earlier period… I feel like I'm in the early 20th century, but with a few pieces of the early 21st century (occasional wifi hotspots, phones, etc.).

A device to quiet unwanted noises… earplugs. But I don't think I can just wear earplugs throughout the day & night. They don't resolve the problems for me anyways.

I don't know how to resolve some of my mental problems. I just want some peace, quiet. I think that many of the categories of things that interested me before don't… business, etc. Still do to some extent, but I'm struggling to get by, now more interested in basics. There are positive things. I'm getting better.

Doblar in Cuban Spanish: turn the corner. Cubanos platican rapidos… no dicen todas las letras… usan palabras diferentes… no parece que quieren que entiendes…

I think it's an arrogant society, going along with the masculine stuff. 

The people here seem often selfish. Maybe that's why they have/need so much of the political stuff, etc.

Cuba has like 3-5 variants of basic products. US has like hundreds of variants of anything.