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Getting back into the action!

Submitted by eagle on Mon, 11/04/2019 - 16:47

In Republica Dominica, things often happen (or fail to happen) through talking with people, as in Cuba.

In Cabarete, a town popular with tourists from the US, Germany, and other places (they had German restaurants, a German butcher, etc., unlike the rest of Republica Dominicana), went to the beach. Then, did some shopping for the first time in a while. Went to the bank.

Satisfied, riding out of town. On the way out, someone from CESTUR (the tourism police) stopped by. Mentioned my having been in the previous town with the phone theft. Asked about my route. Then, I continued.

On the way back westward, ran into the man who had hosted me the last night in the previous town, and the woman who had come by most often to visit me on the beach. With the latter, chatted a while. My bike still had a flat rear, which kept opening through the patch. We attempted to repair it, but the hole was too near the valve. Instead, bought a new tube, which her partner installed for me.

Soon will be back in terra incognita. Northwestern Republica Dominicana. Then, I'll be in a funny situation: sort of having to go to Haiti, despite the problems there. I'm running out of available time on my visa (if the bureaucrat I talked to was right; otherwise I'm already illegal), and cash. Western RD is sparsely populated. I may get to the border without a reasonable way to get to an airport or other exit from the country, yet having to leave the country. I do want to go to Haiti, but it's funny to feel forced to go. If it seems seriously dangerous, I'd probably find some alternative route.

Travel throws some strange stuff at you. I guess you have to adapt!

Finally, rode out!

Deciding to go around Puerto Plata, a city that I already know, I went to the area where my chosen route departs from the main highway. Without a phone, it's hard to find places. I don't have paper maps, since I've been using my phone so consistently. Now I'm just turning to screenshots I've taken before leaving town.

Did some equipment maintenance. I've lately learned a few new skills, including some zipper repair!

Now getting ready to go into town, if I'm on the right road and can find town!

More gorgeous countryside here, 360 degree views of ocean and mountain, pasture for cattle, etc. I'd take pictures if I had a phone!

It's important to deal with what you do have. In travels on the road or in general, one doesn't have an ideal set of equipment or conditions. Better just to get on!

Next, back to the road!


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