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Humacao Days!

Submitted by eagle on Wed, 06/12/2019 - 11:30

Deciding where to go next. Yes, after just arriving and hardly having seen this place!


Options, the two main ones, include: Caguas, in the central mountains of the island, or follow the coast. I generally prefer beach, and do not particularly feel like a huge mountain climb, but Caguas may be a more interesting destination.


It looks like May is a big rainfall month, at least in Caguas. Not sure yet about the rest of the island.


Caguas seems like a sort of boring, medium-sized city. (


The coast looks pretty, although also somewhat boring. Menudo filmed a movie here.


The distances are small, that's one (more) nice thing about Puerto Rico!


Thirty kilometers to Caguas.


234 m x 3 = 702 ft


Less than a thousand feet of elevation.


The coastal route would be more for the scenery, rather than for any towns.


The central mountain valley route would be more for the city, rather than for the mountains.


Right now I'm sort of split.


It's actually kind of practical not to have phone service. It doesn't distract me so much, and half the time I have no battery anyways.


Camped out last night in a grassy area overlooking the city.


Woke up early today!


I'm now leaning somewhat more towards the mountain route, because I plan to see so much of the beach anyways.


Shopping to do today, after a while out in the boonies!

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