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First daze!

Submitted by eagle on Tue, 06/11/2019 - 17:56

I'm on the road again!!!!!!!!! :)

Well, not quite the road, more like water!

Now in the Bahamas… As I write this I'm taking a boat from Bimini to Nassau…

Many thoughts, not much time to write…. It's a constant whirl of action!


My feet are already blistered, and my already worn sandals didn't last until the port of Miami! We'll see how some DIY repairs hold up…


After a couple of years off in Miami, I've had a chance to unwind, and now feel like going again. I was getting tired of the USA… Feeling like everywhere I went, I'd seen it before…


<pix galore interspersed>



The ferry ride from Miami to Bimini was beautiful. Along the way, there were these, which I think are flying fish!


<flying fish pix>


The Caribbean consists of basically a few spits of sand. Bimini is surrounded by a handful of cays.


<bimini pix>


Bimini is a small island. It basically has a handful of resorts, and a long road (the King's Highway!) lined with houses, shops, restaurants, and more. It took me about two hours to see the island by foot.


<king's highway pix>


This ain't Miami!


<ramshackle house and vehicle pix>


The food smells delicious, haven't had a chance to eat it yet….


Arriving in Bimini, at customs they only gave me a seven day visa, when I had expected more. So, I have to find a way out, while trying to extend the visa. At the dock, I ask if there are any boats going to Nassau. (By the way, I'm imagining a NASA logo with Nassau instead…) There's a cargo boat going soon. It only departs three times per month! I have about thirty minutes to decide. Sure, let's go!


People mill about, drinking beer and smoking tobacco and marijuana as they work. "They're waiting on the captain," a woman says.


Not quite as luxurious as the ferry from Miami to Bimini - no onboard wifi! - although actually I feel a lot less seasickness on this boat, probably because of calmer waters. The water in the Caribbean is turquoise!


<turqouise water pix>


I napped briefly during the two-hour ride, the only sleep I had in two days.


The people seem extremely friendly. The place is laid-back, like going to small towns. A pleasant surprise after so long in Miami.



<me pix>


Here's my gear. It doesn't take a lot of stuff to travel!


<belongings pix>


It's terrific to get back out there again! I feel fresh! Excited for more.



Rock & Roll!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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