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Back to the main island of Puerto Rico!

Submitted by eagle on Tue, 06/11/2019 - 17:47

After looking at the map, my laptop screen started to show messed up lines. It looked like other monitors I've seen before the computer failed. Some of the water got into the computer!


With some worry, I walked towards town. After a while, someone offered me a ride. At the outskirts of town, had some breakfast. I'd become so hungry and thirsty, the breakfast was welcome. After leaving the place, I felt hungry and thirsty again. Went into town, ate and drank more, bought some new footwear!


After refreshing, I started to feel sick. I threw up several times. Among those occasions, some passersby gave me some cold water, and called an ambulance. However, I recognized the sickness as from ingesting something, so I declined to go to the hospital. After throwing up, I felt much better.


I had let the laptop dry out in the sun for a while. Risking it a bit earlier than I perhaps should have, I tried turning it on. Luckily, it worked! I quickly powered it off again. The next day, Monday, rode the ferry back from "Bieke" to the main island of Puerto Rico.


I've been walking westward. This southeastern area of Puerto Rico reminds of the southeastern continental United States, especially Alabama. Gently rolling hills, kind people who talk in a funny yet beautiful way, plentiful food growing, pickup trucks, the heat and humidity, and more. It also has touches of Cuba, such as the architecture. Overall, a very relaxed, gorgeous place.


In this area, mangos grow plentifully. At one tree, I stopped and picked up about fifteen or twenty ripe mangos that had fallen to the ground. I ate as many as I could, and loaded more into my bags. Any locals who noticed me must have laughed at the foreigner!


Later, I came across more mango trees producing dozens or hundreds of fruits falling to the ground. As I walked, I kept on eating mangos, replenishing as I made headway. It's got to the point that I'm practically overburdened, I think my Rolser even burst at a seam from mangos! I feel like my belly may burst at a seam from mangos.


 One important thing that seems to keep on repeating is that situations that seem difficult, problematic, troublesome, often wind up producing the best results. When my laptop looked broken from the rain, I worried that it could become a serious issues. Yet, it spurred me on and I wound up having positive experiences along the way. When I was throwing up, thinking that I'd be without a laptop, I felt down yet confident that I'd make it through, maybe even in better shape. I think it's important to maintain an optimistic attitude.


After walking a while in the brutal heat and humidity, uphill, but through charming countryside scenery, I was starting to feel exhausted when a pickup pulled up, offering me a ride. I just got out in a mall that looks extremely American, in Humacao. Now catching up after a while out in the middle of nowhere!



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