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Walking Puerto Rico

Submitted by eagle on Thu, 05/23/2019 - 12:15

Woke up early today.

I'm walking eastward in Puerto Rico. The country looks like a postage stamp.

I plan to get to the northeastern corner of the country in a few days, take the ferries to the islands, then resume my clockwise walk around the main island.

I'll probably skip the center of the country. It has a mountain, I'm not that interested in seeing it.

Many of the plants are familiar to me, from Florida, Cuba, etc. The Puerto Ricans here strike me as similar to the Puerto Ricans in Miami. There are numerous chain stores here, the same ones as in the continental US. So far, outside of a few cultural surprises, and some of old San Juan, I'm finding the country fairly expected.

I've tried a few Puerto Rican foods: mofongo (fried plantain), mondongo (a hearty dish one pours over rice or bread), and pernil (marinated roast pork). They generally taste filling, if ordinary. It's like Puerto Rico and Puerto Ricans: decent, yet ordinary.

I feel like I'm just sort of there, boring, normal, etc., which is a relief after the fun yet tiring extraordinary experiences of Miami and Cuba.

PR seems like a practical country to do work.

It reminds me of traveling through the US. It's tiring, yet there are tons of things to see. I like the chance to think while going places.

Walking is so slow. I'd like a bike, but probably won't get one here. It doesn't seem worth it for such a small island, and I may have to ditch it before leaving. Anyways, biking would maybe be too fast for PR, since it'd be like a few days around the country.


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