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Cuba blog May 10, 2019

Submitted by eagle on Sun, 05/19/2019 - 17:10

Woke up to do what I can to leave the country (Cuba) soon. Connected to wifi. See that even the house wifi requires logging in.

I now have like less than an hour of wifi. Maybe the host can log in again. Not even sure that I can log in to house wifi with my card.

My feet hurt.

I want to get to PR! :)

No wifi here.

So, I'm now in Santiago de Cuba, with $8 & change in (precious) wifi cards.

After an extensive search throughout the city, I found one hotel having wifi cards! Another hotel had some that were three times as expensive and only worked in their hotel. I don't have enough cash left to risk that price. Even the wifi bureaucracy, Etecsa, did not have any cards. I'm guessing that the hotels have some special arrangement so that their foreign visitors don't get disappointed.

I'm somewhat seriously concerned about getting out of Cuba. I expect it at least to cost mucho dinero, and possibly be quite difficult. Still, I think I can make it.

I can't say that this is completely unexpected. I thought beforehand that getting among any Caribbean islands would be difficult, especially Cuba. I did as much planning as I could, given the limited time in which I knew I would go. I'm going to look for a new plane ticket, or alter my previous one, or see about a boat, or any other means.

Travel/life lessons:

You can't wait for the perfect opportunity.

Things happen anyways. Just go ahead.

Don't expect things to be easy. Most (or at least many) things worth doing are hard.

Often better to leave some off.

Generally better to give than receive.

Cuba is annoying to get anything done.


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