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Cuba continuing 3

Submitted by eagle on Tue, 04/09/2019 - 13:31

The movie theater advertised a Cuban movie… I thought, is it political? Probably. Didn't bother, but I'm not much of a movie buff.

I think I've now tried much of what I want in la habana.

My caribbean plan started off vague.

Now I want to see some of the major islands, maybe some of the smaller islands, gen'ly the latin islands.

I think that often one starts of wanting to travel because one has some notion(s) about some place(s). These notions are often false, or simplistic at best. If one does travel, then upon arrival one figures out some of the things that one does or does not like about the place. It also informs further decisions about other places.

I now want to get a feel for the caribbean, not exhaustively seeing each island. It's such a pain getting among countries, physiologically, logistically, legally, etc. Also, they have much in common. I want to try some of the more unique ones, the more sizable ones, w/ culture.

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