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Holding On!

Submitted by eagle on Mon, 07/26/2021 - 20:35

What if your hair grew faster than you could cut it?

Idea: hot pepper spray. Like pepper spray for attackers, but to put on your food. I'm guessing it's been done.

I now feel confident that I can more consistently rent!

For a while, I'd been riding/touring. Hadn't stayed in one place for a while. When I started renting recently in Guadeloupe, it felt tenuous. Now I'm feeling more firm. Also more confident in general!

Eagle Gamma

I still can't believe you can travel to different countries by bike! :)

You know it's time to go shopping when you're eating rice with vegetable oil and hot sauce, the mosquitoes are biting cuz you're out of repellent, and you're out of other basic supplies. :)

(It's been rainy so I haven't felt like going.)

(I did go shopping, also they opened a new restaurant right next door where I've gone nearly each day!)

Now Guyana may seem more appealing to me than Venezuela. Not that exciting for me, but safer anyways. I don't necessarily plan to spend more than a few weeks in either, but we all know how plans turn out. :)

Seems like much of Venezuela is mired in poverty. I don't know that I'd want to go, that it would be safe or polite to go. They may not even have drinking water.

Venezuela: the bad guys are winning.

Becoming overly comfortable. :)

Also overly uncomfortable at times.

I want to ride again soon!

I think I have enough motivations to go that I can overcome the comforts, when it comes time to go.

It's a ton more interesting to ride around different countries than to remain in a small agricultural town. :)

Eagle Gamma

The environment (in the broader sense) is already "used" rather than "new". There are threats and opportunities anywhere.

We should take advantage of the opportunities, manage the threats!

After around a year in Guadeloupe, I think this country has around my least favorite weather that I've had in the Caribbean! It seems cloudy and rainy nearly non-stop!

Idea: science fiction about if humans had three or more chromosomes. I'm guessing it's been done.

Countries evolve slowly. By traveling, you can speed up the rate of cultural evolution that you experience.

Evolutionary psychotherapy: Don't expect everything to be how you want, then feel disappointed. Expect things to have developed from nothing, then feel better.

A funny way to see things: the world as a bicycle park. Each country is a different area you can ride. :)

Exercise works as a digestif as well as a drug.

Going through some tight activities. Even the ordinary can seem extraordinary. Readying to leave, whenever! :)

Ahead! :)


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