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Readying to leave Capesterre?!?

Submitted by eagle on Sun, 02/07/2021 - 07:47

Trying a few of the "remedies" from the pharmacy, they feel about as ineffective as they look.

Marketing gimickry.

When you're traveling, there's not enough time to do even the basics. When you're stuck in one place, there's often "too much" time. I guess that explains why agricultural civilizations and later have turned to drink!

There's a lot of haywire stuff in any predictions/plans for much later than a few days. Each event is so unpredictable on its own, plus they multiply.

Madult (n., Modern English "mad" crazy + "adult"): Someone who travels around wherever, does what they want!

You can't spell "distraction" without "action"! :)

A few recurring things I've noticed:

Sounds accumulate. A small sound, even accidental, often "invites" other like sounds.

Small efforts accumulate. You start doing something, it can produce or contribute to much larger results.

Turning into another month. I now see some pressures that are increasingly relevant, as the pressures holding me back here become decreasingly relevant. Not quite there, but I think that it may actually be approaching time to leave???

I don't want to head out, then find that they're doing any quarantines for this crazy Coronavirus. I think that's THE critical factor.

So, I'm now aiming to leave Capesterre by mid-March, if feasible.

Preferably by late February, if feasible.

We'll see how that pans out, I've been wrong before a few times.

Without this Coronavirus, I would not have had the opportunity to wrap up many of my projects!

I'm feeling exhausted.

I've now seen not only much of this town, but also much of the remaining area from here back to the main town in this country.


When I go out to new places, I feel alive.

I want to leave. Still one more package that I think should arrive soon, maybe this week? Also one package that I don't think is likely to arrive soon, but which I'm less concerned about, ready to leave without.

Also still the Coronavirus issue. When I e-mailed the ferries before, they indicated that the international boats to the islands I want to see should resume in January. I'm not sure yet whether that in fact occurred. Even if the ferries are running, I also want to avoid any quarantines or other such issues.

As difficult as it may seem, I think it's important to force yourself to do difficult things if you want to reach your goals.

Keep at it! :)


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