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Managing in Guadeloupe

Submitted by eagle on Wed, 01/27/2021 - 14:51

Still managing the frustrations of being stuck here by doing as much work as I can, which turns out to be way more than I was thinking. Also still "greatful" to be here.


I'm planning to double down on my work, chores, socializing, and other activities for the next while here.

There are so many things I've wanted to do, I suppose I can keep on finding more of those to knock off!

Sometimes it makes sense just to go ahead without even knowing what you're doing.

Alcohol bottles, instead of those small recycling and don't drink while pregnant icons, should arguably show a huge death's head, with carcass photos like on the cigarette packs.

An idea: have mosquitoes (and other biting/stinging insects) adapted to target our backs, other unreachable areas? (Or do we just notice that more because it's more annoying?)

Ready to leave last week of January, or to do another shop for next weeks.

Becoming fun, exciting again! Returning to travel mode! :)

I'm guessing at least February here.

We're susceptible, so move it!

I guess the destination is death, so do more to make a go of the journey, not the destination.

This "time off" (or actually "time on") in Guadeloupe has proven practically necessary for me to accomplish many of my key early life goals

Focus on the positives, in people, in situations, in activities

I'm working to substitute a more positive attitude for my older broad attitude.

Consistently work to improve! :)

Prepare yourself for what you want! :)

Work through things in small, digestible chunks.

Stay sane.

Focus on observables.

You can't actually focus anywhere else.

You have to keep moving, even when you don't think you do.

We can accomplish many of our goals, so we should have confidence, going through with things anyways!

The rest of this round of goggles should come this week. [It did!]

Maybe I'll pick up the remainder of my packages next week?

I'm guessing that even by next week, then, I probably won't be ready yet to leave.

Probably the Coronavirus will still remain active, too.

It's OK to adjust your plans! :)

There's a possibility of leaving at the end of January. [Seems increasingly slim.]

I thought I was crazy, then I started to meet other people. :)

Die old & leave a fucked up body. :)

You can accomplish goals by working consistently at them AND taking opportunities when you see them!

There's time afterward to do the smaller tasks that you made note of while doing the bigger tasks. :)

You can go way farther by doing the legwork! :)

Focus on the pressures, needs, serious wants, using your strengths! :)

For insomnia, so far I think the best response I've found is to stay up working on useful things, which at least accomplishes something! :)

I think that blogging, or journaling, or the like, enables one to develop oneself gradually, as human culture develops gradually. These small developments can build on each other to take one a long way?

We live in the future! (compared to what we ever had before) There have to be fun or useful things to do! :)

Sometimes I don't know what to do, other times I have too much stuff to do but not enough time. I guess it's a balancing act.

The problems are the things that you can't solve right away, cuz you've already solve the other things.

I'm now guessing it'll be at least February when I leave town.

Still waiting on a package, plus better border conditions.

Also, I probably want to have at least a week or so after I decide to leave before actually leaving, to book any places, ferries, or whatever. Book, book, book! :)

Maybe later on, the goggles will rise above the comfort/need level of other things, then I would feel more like working on other things.

Woke up from a dream of being at the Thai border.

Tempting me to go there next! :)

I think that the language, proximity, size, and other aspects of culture and geography of Latin America make it still a somewhat more appealing next destination. Still. Tempting.

I'm increasingly feeling desirous of more travel.

Even when I leave town for a while, I feel much better.

Tons of French cheese yet to be eaten! :)

Running away from running away. :)

A few more delays. Still haven't received one package that I'm waiting on before leaving, as well as at least one package that I'm more willing to leave without. Also, Coronavirus still seems overactive. Seems like less of a big deal if there are multiple problems, like they cancel each other out, since I'd have to wait for the other even if one was resolved.

Also, there still seem to be some local products that I want to try, so in a sense I guess I'm still interested in "traveling" here.

Found some cannabis sativa in the pharmacy! :)

Keep On! :)


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