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Caribbean Craziness, Coronavirus

Submitted by eagle on Sun, 01/17/2021 - 16:42


Our perceptions can dramatically affect our behaviors, for the better or worse, and our perceptions are not necessarily that closely tied to "reality". Makes sense to attend to the accuracy of our perceptions!

I may be more of a top-down idealist? But I think I can also be strongly driven by bottom-up signals. Maybe I'm ambivalent?

I think that my body may store noticeably more fat even over a few days of colder weather? Or maybe it's just water retention that's occurred by chance.

I think that a solid response to feeling somewhat crazy is to work!

Coronavirus still closing the borders. In fact, they're re-adding MORE restrictions in some countries!

Guess I'll stay longer here.

Instead of rushing out, I'm now aiming to do as much as I can here, while maintaining a positive mood as much as I can, plus sanity.

You have to keep reinventing yourself.

While building on your earlier base.

A difficult balancing act.

I've taken some crazy risks, done some crazy things, and it seems to have worked out so far! :)

It turns out that we're often wrong, so it makes sense to put yourself to the test, in my opinion.

Also, take care of basics. :)

We've come a long way, as a species, as genera, as individuals!

It often seems that when I have annoyances, they can be turned into more desirable situations by moving away from the notion of "how long do I have to survive this," instead seeing the situations as recreational or productive opportunities of limited time.

If anyone wants a delicious combination, try mascarpone with dark chocolate.

I think it's important to keep on the move, even when it's tempting to relax.

Exercise is a 3-in-1 drug cocktail: amphetamines, opiates, cannabis! :)

Even knowing that my plans are likely to be wrong, I'm still consistently surprised by how wrong my plans turn out. :)

The upcoming islands that I want to see look small, and not that different from what I've already seen (but each with its own appeals), so I think that after I leave Guadeloupe it will go more quickly again.

I often notice myself saying, thinking, or writing something that seems original to me, then shortly after (or much later) realizing that it closely resembles something that I'd already heard or read.

I guess the mind's something of a copycat. :)

I'm feeling confused. Not that I think we humans ever have some sort of objective certainty, but sometimes we at least have a relatively clear sense of what we want, while at other times (like nowadays for me) there are conflicting demands.

I'm working on the basics that I know I still want, while trying to work out how to handle the upcoming while.

I have clearer long-term goals, too, but I think that it's premature to think much about those with the difficulty around the Coronavirus among other concerns.

My mood's all over the place, but that's usually the case. :)

Some people seem driven by fame, money, or accomplishments, or power, pleasure, or various other things. I guess we all have some mix. I think some of my main motivations are sense-oriented. I also have some motivations for achievement (in its own right, rather than competitively), but I think it's somewhat moderate.

There are usually ways forward, even if it seems like one's stuck. Takes some sacrifices, alternative ways of thinking, hard work, but we retain freedom even when it doesn't necessarily appear so on the surface.

Another week in the Caribbean, which still switches between driving me crazy and making me feel relief! Actually, maybe that's the key distinction about the Caribbean. The heat and humidity, some of the culture, can drive you a bit crazy, but scenery is very serene. That seems consistent with my thinking over the last few years in other parts of the Caribbean.

I've been drinking alcohol more consistently than for years, in a deliberate attempt to reduce anxiety, assist sleep in this noisy place. Somewhat working for the anxiety/mood, doesn't seem to do much for sleep (even for time of onset). I'll drink more for the next while, then try other methods. I don't really like drinking much nowadays, but it has a few benefits, and seems to make food taste way better.

Trying to open an offshore bank account. Still one of my bigger frustrations during travel is dealing with the financial institutions. At least I can feel like an intriguing person (which I am!) while seeking to open offshore bank accounts. :)

When will the Coronavirus be over? There's probably gambling on that, which can tell us. I think I've been wrong already too many times to take my guesses seriously. Maybe another month???

Guess I should do what I can while here!

Rock & roll!!!!! :)


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