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Adapting to Unavoidable Difficulties!

Submitted by eagle on Mon, 01/11/2021 - 16:07

Things are difficult anyways.

So hard to keep up with things.

Work through things anyways.


I feel like it takes some preparation, maybe some proportion of the time one has been in a place, before leaving the place.

I still find it somewhat remarkable that my brain basically won't let my body stay still for long!

You have to go out there!

Keep on working towards your goals!


Exercise! Clean! Work! :)

If you want to arrive, you have to leave.

Probably way better to deal with actual things, in the sense of objects, e.g. exercise or work, instead of just mental objects.

There are occasionally hurdles, stumbling blocks.

I think it's important to push through, not blindly but with patience, cognition, and the like.

I'm feeling somewhat frustrated, stuck here. It's a decent enough place, but I've seen it and my body craves more.

We're all on an exciting adventure together. Scary, but fun. It's only in a microscopic fraction of the human story that we have modern technology, which proceeds to develop. Even before that, our species has traveled the planet for millions of years. Even before that, we've gone on numerous other adventures.

It's sort of confusing for me to stay here.

I go through cycles of liking or disliking staying stuck here. It's definitely practical in that I'm accomplishing more of my desk jockey jobs than while I was cycling.

I still basically agree with my first impressions of Guadeloupe. Beautiful, wet, has delicious tomatoes.


I guess we can adjust to whatever comes up! :)

I'm feeling claustrophobic.

I want to go soon!!!!! :)

Make mistakes! :)

Tried some sleeping pills. They don't seem to do much, for me anyways. Slightly drowsier but still awake. Maybe use more booze instead. :)

Another busy week here in Capesterre!

I guess there's some frustration in different activities, as well as some accomplishments. I still feel like I'm making headway on my desk duties here, while stuck in this location. The opposite of my usual travel pattern, when it's hard to accomplish the desk duties.

Plan: keep on balancing between travel versus desk activities, making the most of each opportunity, minimizing the whining. :)

I still like how there isn't winter here!

I'm thinking, a few more packages, the borders reopen (?), then go! :)


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