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Finding Ways Forward!

Submitted by eagle on Sun, 12/27/2020 - 18:23

Looks like January!

The ferry company says that international travel is supposed to resume then. At least to some of the nearby islands.


You could score your life choices decision tree! :)

Idea: coffee oil. Like the small amounts of oil in espresso. You could make it by combining instant coffee with vegetable oil. What would you use it for? A sauce for foods?

It's been a long year, here!

Looking forward to a new one, hopefully in a new country soon! :)

Extremely grateful to have had an opportunity to work through so many things over the last year, which I've wanted to do for a long while.

It's interesting to see which aspects of me come or go on the basis of when I'm traveling, where I'm traveling, how I'm aging, and such. I think that I've developed into a substantially different person as a result of travel, including to the specific place I've gone like regions of North America or the Caribbean, as well as from aging. I also think that many aspects of who I am have stayed stable since before I traveled, and have not been that affected by where I've traveled. Staying in one place in the Caribbean seems to show that some of my tastes or sensibilities or stress responses stay fairly stable. I guess my activities rather than my tastes adjust to the place.

I'm working again to have less negativity, more positivity.

I think that in addition to liking the Latin cultures more than I like many other cultures, I feel more normal there. That may contribute to my feeling better there, too.

While it's important to have assumptions, they often develop inertia. It's also important to release assumptions if they fail.

Even balance, in balance. I think that excess is extremely harmful. I think that an excess of balance is slightly harmful.

I think that basically balance, but with a few imbalances to adjust to conditions or go after an opportunity, can do even better than a "flat" balance.

Like how animals with bilateral symmetry but a front and back can go farther than spherical animals.

Compared to much of what our bodyminds evolved for, we now have immense opportunities as well as risks. Modern life is potent. There are tons of useful yet risky things that we now face that we're not entirely adapted for, e.g. processed foods and drugs (including widely available alcoholic beverages), media, vehicles. These can enable us to do some remarkable things that our ancestors couldn't, but they also kill.

I'm working on seeing myself as building. Developing. Growing.

How many hours of use will Eagle Eyes get? Probably thousands just by me. Plus others!

Idea: chocolate bar-shaped cell phone.

Idea: chocolate bar that's a flat rectangle instead of having individual squares.

Writing's sort of like making music or 3D animations, but with words. You cobble together a draft, you manipulate the arrangement of elements, using your sensitivity.

Thinking, cooking, having sex, other activities can also be like writing or making art.

Next week it's 2021! :)

Birds often fly on specific paths, rather than just randomly. We can do the same in our life paths.

I want to go soon! :)

I think it's easy to see things as you do it once then you're set, when in reality I think that you have to keep on adapting.

I think that a more practical approach makes sense for me, I have a strong tendency to ideate, which can also be useful but with balance.

Progress happens from day-by-day moves, advance, maneuvers.

Ideas can ramp up (or bog down) progress by several orders of magnitude.

Design life! :)

Build life! :)

I'm sort of expecting to leave Capesterre around mid- to late-January, 2021.

Feeling cooped up! Want to go back out there again!

In work or life, I guess we can focus on the felt needs.

As I write or edit checklists, plans seem more real. As I check them off, they become real!

Idea: transparent chocolate. (Not sure if that's technically feasible.)

I think that work, exercise, socializing, cleaning, shopping, or other productive activities can be fun "adventures" like using drugs (including alcohol), but with better average outcomes.

I think that I get tired by the end of the day, the week, the year. I think that a lot of mistakes happen then. Not just in me, it's probably a common enough trend. I guess that it makes sense to exercise extra caution near the end, or to reduce activities near the end. Maybe that also explains why the last 20% takes 80% of the effort. :)

Maybe drink at least once a month or so?

I think I'm way too anxious.

Keep on working at it! :)



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