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The New Normal?!

Submitted by eagle on Sun, 12/06/2020 - 19:24

Work hard enough to meet needs, not so hard to burn out or go crazy!

What would I do if they don't reopen the borders after the Coronavirus?

Would I stay in Guadeloupe? Try going to France? Go back to Canada or the US?

I'm not sure.  I'd probably stay in Guadeloupe for a while, sorting out plans, then eventually maybe take a shot at France.

I don't think that would happen. Funny but scary to think about, though!

The first pair of the next round of goggles came in!

Eagle Eyes Adventure Goggles version 1.2.x!

Eagle Eyes Adventure Goggles version 1.2.x!I feel like I'm becoming increasingly capable of accomplishing some goals, even with the setbacks!

You can see your actions as selections among which shape or design to switch things into. Without complete information, you can pick what you think you'd like to see as results then work towards that.

It's normal to be abnormal.

I am a river of cells.

We are rivers of cells.

If (weirdly) they keep the borders closed for Coronavirus indefinitely, maybe I can get from Guadeloupe to mainland France, then throughout the European Union?!

Caffeine: Not sure how much I like it except under specific conditions. Too nervousness-inducing for normal use?

I often don't want to be here (Capesterre Belle-Eau, Guadeloupe) any more. It's convenient, and nice enough in some ways. I basically have to stay here in practice for a while longer, to wrap up some things I'm working on (e.g. receiving parcels), as well as to have the Coronavirus over so that I can go to other countries that I want to see. Still, I've seen the town, and I'm hungry for a different culture.

I'm thinking of later on spending a while out in the country. I've lived for extended periods in large cities, small cities, and towns, but I've only ever passed through or stayed briefly in the countryside. I'd like to find out how I take to the remote, quiet setting.

I think I would like it immensely, but as with anything find some shortcomings. I'd probably get bored after a while, but really appreciate it for the first few weeks or maybe even months.

Breakfast: rice & nutella!

Over the last years, I've often struggled even to cover the basic needs. It's been somewhat frustrating, but also to some extent a deliberate sacrifice I've made to pursue travels, which I've considered worthwhile. Now that I'm stuck in Guadeloupe, I've finally had a chance to achieve basic needs. I'm still adjusting mentally to having these.

There are generally distractions (desirable or undesirable), problems, or other interferences. The issue isn't that, it's how much you want it.

Don't feel too bad about personal regrets. It's normal for anyone, even more normal for people in comparable situations. Just focus on rides!

I think that my pattern with caffeine when I use it is to go overboard because it seems too weak at first. I think it's the same as my pattern with alcohol. I guess I'll enforce stricter limits on my caffeine intake, but I'm still willing to drink some, even more so than with alcohol.

I think that the ideal eyewear, like the ideal bicycle, feels like it isn't there.

If you spend a year in a small island country, you can get to know it quite well!

I think it's going to feel super weird when the Coronavirus lifts. IF the Coronavirus lifts!

I'm planning to bust out, soon after but not right away. Maybe leave a week or so after the borders reopen.

Eagle Eyes Adventure Goggles version 1.2.x!

Already December!

I'm guessing early in 2021 the Coronavirus will be "over". Will it run a full year?


There are generally scary or annoying or unpleasant things. I guess it's often better just to do what seems reasonable about them then focus on better things.

I think that my generalizations are often not that useful. :)

I find it somewhat disturbing how strongly my emotions seem tied with the weather.

Where would you like to go?

I'm looking forward to Latin America again!!!!!

A heart-shaped cloud.

A bit of a quiet weekend after a while of noise, stress.

Let's go!!!!! :)

Eagle Eyes Adventure Goggles version 1.2.x!

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