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Another While Longer in Guadeloupe!

Submitted by eagle on Thu, 06/04/2020 - 13:05

I continue to like Guadeloupe. It has gorgeous environmental scenery and architecture/public art. The people are quite friendly. The food is delicious.

I occasionally whine about the noises, which I recognize are the same as anywhere, when I get annoyed. Overall, it's quite a pleasant place.

The culture and geography aren't exactly a match for me, and I do still look forward to leaving, but I also know that it's going to be a place I'm sad about leaving.

Looks like it's going to be rainy for a while, and I still have more stuff to do here and am liking it. Also, many things remain closed. As such, it's probably working out for the best that I not leave as soon as I had thought -- as often seems to happen!

Maybe not even leave the following weekend!

Probably go by around the turn of the month.

I'm guessing that some people probably lucked out by the virus shutting down migrations, and they're "stuck" in a country where they would rather be.

Eagle Gamma in Guadeloupe!

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