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Slow Slog through Guadeloupe!

Submitted by eagle on Wed, 06/03/2020 - 13:43

Stuff seems open again. Unpredictable?

I'm looking to leave ASAP, maybe this weekend!

Some rain.

Quiet again. Are stores only opening on occasional days?

A few more days here. Is the "confinement" over?

While there are numerous pleasant things about this place, it's also full of annoyances. I want to go but it seems like stuff's still shut down.

Still does seem somewhat unpredictable what things will open when.

The French government website didn't have an obvious thing saying if or when the confinement is over.

Nicer weather. More stuff open. Things opening on even days?

Every society should have laws against overly loud motorcycles, cars, trucks, etc.!

(And loud yelling!)

As I was working, a guy came up and asked me for a light. As I was answering him, the police came up and asked him if he didn't also have anything illicit. As they continued questioning him, I jumped down from the surface to the ground, but I landed on a broken bottle. It cut into my foot, but luckily not too far.

The other evening, when I took out my earplugs, a lizard jumped on one and bit into it! After, I moved the earplug back to where it was.

Idea: a commercial for an earplug company, showing an earplug as a bullet, destroying noise.

Midway through the week!

Eagle Gamma in Guadeloupe!

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