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Getting There!

Submitted by eagle on Tue, 05/26/2020 - 20:10

In my head, I'm already gone from Point-a-Pitre.

I'm tired of seeing the same stuff. Looking to get back on the road ASAP!!!!!

I think I've seen as much of the people, the places, and such, as I can around here.

At least it's exciting to have an upcoming departure. I feel slightly nervous, but mostly ready!

Each day, busy. Then go!

I like the French food here (cheese!!!!!). There are some decent and interesting people. The architecture's quite something.

I find it somewhat noisy.

I think that I can now identify and say a few things about just about every resident of Point-a-Pitre, and the pigeons too.

A thicker plastic container seems to have kept the rats out. Then the ants came! Also, the rats still seem to be hanging around.

Tried some of those fast foods, they're basically as I thought. Dough, baked or fried. Sandwich fillings.

There remain enough interesting things for now!


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