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Continuing Travels!

Submitted by eagle on Tue, 05/19/2020 - 17:56

Maybe leave at the turn of the month?

Halfway through May!

I have an idea for one of those surprised-by-the-camera TV shows. A bearded old man asks for a meal. When someone brings him a meal, the old guy pulls out an iPhone and asks the donor to take a photo, as the old guy climbs onto a motorcycle with a beautiful model sitting on it.

I think that if food is slung from a tree branch, then it's too high for the rats.

Seems like the rats can probably climb trees, after all.

More stuff's open, still seems kind of Coronavirusy.

I'm now thinking of leaving Point-a-Pitre in June, probably.

I want to go on, see more, but not before I've finished a few things, and hotels and stuff are open.

I'm feeling more positive now.

I'm continuing to work, travel, relate!

I'm aiming to try some local foods now that shops are reopening.

There are a few fast foods I've seen advertised around Guadeloupe. Bokit. Agoulou.

I think they're both variants of sandwiches. I'm guessing that a bokit is somewhat like a burger, and an agoulou somewhat like a crepe or baguette-wich. One may be on fried bread, the other on baked. Not sure about much of that.

People are out and about in much larger numbers, it seems.

During the height of the pandemic, I think it was mostly eccentrics, and people who had to work in basic areas of society. Now I think that regular people are going out more often.

The rats have got through two different types of traps. I'm starting to think that they're smarter than humans!

I'm now thinking of getting back on the road ASAP!

Cow on the Road!

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