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Food & Drink in Guadeloupe

Submitted by eagle on Tue, 04/14/2020 - 17:10

I've had some of the sweetest, tastiest cucumbers from here in Guadeloupe.

Tried some foie gras. Delicious!

Grilled some horse. Tastes like beef, much tougher. Maybe somewhat more flavorful. Somewhat lighter, like pork.

The pastries, coffee, and such are also quite tasty!

Another week!

Awkward pickup line: "Hey, wanna get pregnant?"

I consistently find in the Caribbean that the geography is gorgeous, the food and some of the music are great. Some of the people, in particular in the Latin countries, are extremely generous.  Other people can be quite noisy and annoying.

I've been camping out a while. The hotels are closed. Not sure that an Airbnb host would want guests during the pandemic. I'm looking forward to renting a room again!

There are some canned products here that I like, which I haven't seen elsewhere. For example, cassoulet is a common one. It's beans with sausages and sauce.

Gradually improving in spite of the setbacks!

The hot peppers here are delicious, and quite spicy. I think they're a type of habanero, or related.

Tons of long line-ups here, for the few open shops!

Decent rum.

A bank's open, which was closed during recent weeks. Is this the beginning of the return to normalcy?

I'm getting to know the locals. I recognize many of the regulars, and some of them recognize me!

I guess that means it's about time to move on?

I'm now planning to stay until the virus is over, plus maybe two or three weeks. Then head around the island. Then next islands!

Flowers in Guadeloupe!

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