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Caribbean Thoughts

Submitted by eagle on Wed, 04/08/2020 - 17:15

After a year in the Caribbean, I've seen numerous changes of government, several serious problems, tons of gorgeous coastlines. I've eaten my share of fresh mountain fruits, coastal coconuts, and Caribbean cooking. I've heard numerous types of music in numerous languages.

I've liked some, disliked other parts of the Caribbean. Overall, I'm quite happy to have gone.

However, I'm now getting more and more excited to get back to the mainland.

Continuing to work through the challenges here.

I think it's often important if not necessary to deal with undesirable situations. For some of us, that's more difficult than for others.

Funny how things develop, often in unforeseen ways. Human ignorance can be our strong and weak side.

Same for knowledge.

If we have bans on environmental pollution like dumping industrial waste into water, and bans on light pollution in sensitive areas, how about bans on noise pollution? Limits on gas motors such as motorcycles.

There are noise limits in some cases, like municipal ordinances against blasting music at night or in certain areas. Just expand these.

I'm considering this period my rebuilding period. After a year throughout the Caribbean, I've worn through much material. Replenishing. Fixing and replacing broken gear. Catching up on work, tasks. Getting ready for the next year of travels!

Let's go!


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