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Further in Point-a-Pitre, Guadeloupe!

Submitted by eagle on Tue, 03/24/2020 - 17:34

Some more pet peeves about Guadeloupe: No plastic bags at most stores, including the supermarkets. The fruit and vegetable bags that are sometimes there, are often not on their rolls, but in random places. Also, the wifi usually doesn't work, as in many other Caribbean places.

One thing I like about Guadeloupe is that here in the capital there are several free public toilets. They even seem fairly clean in their automatic maintenance. Even more so in a place where there aren't tons of restaurant chains, this is much appreciated. More places should have this!

As often happens with me, Guadeloupe continue to grow on me the longer I'm here.

After my first infatuation, which I admit was in part just because the previous places had been so difficult, I had something of a sophomore slump. But as grow together, Guadeloupe and I, we're finding each other's passions.

These days I've been using a baby stroller to carry my stuff. I've been walking and running. Tons of fun! Way different than biking, backpacking. I'm thinking of strollering for much of the rest of the Caribbean!

Tons more rain.

I ducked under a shelter in a busier central location. Someone came by on a bike, and asked how much for something, I didn't quite hear what. After I told him I was confused, he asked if I wasn't the one selling powder. Oh, wrong person.

Rock & Roll!

Eagle Gamma in Guadeloupe!

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