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Plants & Animals of Guadeloupe!

Submitted by eagle on Mon, 03/23/2020 - 16:58

Things generally seem to go wrong, break, fail, etc., during complicated processes. Important to keep at it anyways!

Even as people scream or throw stuff at you, or whatever, just keep going! :)

I love the feeling of finishing a task, or even an important step!

Also, the feeling of idling happily in the sun! :)

So far, I've liked the coconuts I've had here in Guadeloupe. Sweet, large, juicy!

The mangos have been so-so. Flavorful but not my favorite. I've only had a small number.

Bananas have been rich.

Breadfruits have been delicious!

At my present campspot, one day as I approached I could see a cow. The cow seemed wary of me, so I didn't get too near, and

I avoided making much motion. A later day, the cow came right near me, and started eating leaves! Over time, the cow got

nearer and nearer, until I was worried that it would accidentally crush me! I moved to a different area, but it kept coming

closer, eating its way over. Cows can eat a ton! The following day, I could see that I was right under a tall coconut tree,

laden with coconuts! I moved to a different place.

This past week, Point-a-Pitre felt like a ghost town. Or, rather, a zombie town. Or a zombie town with homeless people. I'm

guessing it's going to be somewhat more of the same this week. Coronavirus.

I'm excited for another week of work, chores, eating, and other activities!


Point-a-Pitre, Guadeloupe

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