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Back to Point-a-Pitre, Guadeloupe!

Submitted by eagle on Tue, 03/10/2020 - 15:34

I'm looking forward to trying some more foods in Guadeloupe. Fast foods, fancy foods. Bokit, crêpes, couscous, and more.

After my first week in the main town of Guadeloupe, I spent the last week in a smaller town on the outskirts. This weekend I've been walking yet further away.

I feel like I'm finally starting to fix up the financial issues from previous islands. Did some shopping.

There are products here from France and other European countries. I bought some brioche, which I far prefer to the baguettes. (Although I did have a delicious baguette sandwich earlier.)

Also, tons of French cheeses to choose from. Camembert, brie, chevre, and more. For far more reasonable prices than in the US.

Seems tougher to find certain products like insect repellent, but still there. I have yet to find a place where I can buy a phone card, which surely must exist since people here have phones.

The commerce is petering out here. I'll probably turn around tomorrow. Take a different route back to the main town. It doesn't seem like there's enough service out here for me to get any work done.

Instead, probably look in town for a phone card, spend a few more weeks there. Also look for a bike, which I think is far more likely to be found there than here.

I tried an anise-flavored iced tea. They put anise flavor in tons of things!

I've been getting rid of tons of things that I've acquired during recent months. Feels so much better to travel light. Still tons more to leave.
A few laptop bumps, but still working!

I had some more tomatoes from Guadeloupe. These were far tastier than the previous ones. They've varied hugely, even from the same batch. Some tomatoes here are flavorful, others watery, all juicy.

Also, tried some Guadeloupe guava nectar. Quite delicious!

Still tons more local foods to try.

Step by step, traveling, learning, trying, doing!

I didn't see any DEET-containing insect repellent, so I bought a bottle of the other stuff. It doesn't work. I don't know why people don't just buy DEET. I think that DEET is one of the greatest chemicals. It produces so much human happiness. Forget about street drugs. DEET actually keeps stinging insects away, and lasts.

I'm going to go looking for more DEET!

Guadeloupe seems fairly flat, with one large volcano, instead of the more regularly mountainous other Caribbean islands. Seems way easier to get around!

Walking through the countryside, Guadeloupe is one of the more beautiful places I've seen. It reminds me of the Cuban countryside.



Photo gallery!

My brain is readjusting to the metric system, which makes way more sense for measurements.

Can we get a metric clock and calendar, please?

I've often had difficulty overcoming my own laziness/self-indulgence. While I still do, these days I'm more often finding myself getting up and active early. I like the results, and honestly once I'm going I don't even mind the discomforts so much. I want to continue this way!

The French foods are so creamy, rich. Not just the cheeses, also deserts, sauces.

Made it back into town. Went looking for a phone shop. Bought a phone card. The wifi hotspot doesn't seem to work. The mobile data shows old 2G. The wifi spots from the company don't seem to work. Etc.

Things often don't go per plan, adapt and go on!

Went to a restaurant, had some bland fish on rice. Wifi hotspot still didn't work. Went to another place, had a salmon sandwich, tastier. They had wifi, which I connected to while there. After eating, wifi doesn't work. After much of the day, and a few dozen euros, still no internet.

My symbol for this place is a person walking around with a few baguettes in hand.

Went back into the restaurant a couple of times. Staff said it wouldn't work, shrugging. Finally, gave up and started to walk to another place where I remembered there was wifi. It started to rain. I ducked under a building overhang. An open wifi network! A loud homeless guy walked by. Now, the rain's stopped, and I'm online!

Maybe. Now it's not working?


Idea: Write olde time style day. For a day, write in Olde English, for business and personal writing, as if it were normal.


Cycling seems quite popular here in Guadeloupe, which I appreciate!

After trying another chemical insect repellent, it worked somewhat for mosquitoes, but not so much for other, smaller insects. DEET did the trick, right away.

Somewhat annoying, after buying phone service specifically to use a wifi hotspot from my phone or from the network, neither works.

Back in the main town on Guadeloupe, called Point-à-Pître, it seems both large and small. Fairly small area, yet quite dense. Has visitors from tons of different places. Interesting enough to stay around for a while!


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