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More Guadeloupe

Submitted by eagle on Mon, 03/02/2020 - 19:10

Now that I'm here, which was a rush to get to, I'm taking things slowly!

Things came out far differently than expected on my first full day here in Guadeloupe.

Walking into town, went by a bank. It was closed. Extended lunch. I guess we're on Caribbean time here.

Kept walking. Went to a supermarket. Didn't accept American cash (I hadn't exchanged yet). Didn't accept my card.

Also, they told me that it was Carnaval, so shops would all be closing soon.

Went further. Tried a taco place. Weird toppings available.

Other shops were closed.

Went by an open restaurant. Walked in. Small place, Spanish language television. Horse on the French-language menu. I asked if they'd take American cash, they said yes. I asked to charge up my laptop, they showed me an outlet. Oops! The outlets here are different, French-style.

After eating, I asked for change from a twenty. They said there wasn't any change, even though it looked from the menu (and the food) like there should've been plenty. Finally they gave me some, I think they still ripped me off but not a big deal.

Along the way, I ran into a few people with bikes. I offered to buy, some people were willing to sell, but the bikes were too new and expensive for my getting-to-Guadeloupe budget.

Kept walking. Not much open, but street vendors setting up for the event. With the change from the restaurant, I bought some cheese, soda, chips, and a coconut patty.

Rested a bit out of the off-and-on rain.

Carnaval got started!

Music, marching bands, dancing.

Then, went and found a place to camp.

After a solid night's sleep, woke up. Walked by the opening shops. Exchanged cash. Bought some groceries. Bought a travel adapter. Found a place with wifi.

You often have to fail a bunh of times before you make it anywhere.

Let's go!






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