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Year Seven: Return to Revvin'!

Submitted by eagle on Fri, 02/21/2020 - 20:31


Here's a quick overview of my last year, if you're interested.

After a couple of years refreshing at the beach, I'm back on the road of adventure!

Over the last year, I've traveled by boat from Miami to Bahamas, walked through Bahamas, walked across Cuba, walked and biked around Puerto Rico, biked around Dominican Republic, biked and bussed across Haiti, spent a night in a detention center in Turks & Caicos (it's a country), and walked and biked over the US Virgin Islands!


Eagle Gamma travel map, year 7!

Also, I have designed a pair of 3D printable sports goggles. If you want a gift pair, please let me know!

You can see tons more of my writing and media at Worlds O Wisdom, which reached its thousandth post this past year!

This upcoming year I plan to continue through the Caribbean, and probably return to the continental Americas.


Eagle Gamma in Year Seven of Travels!

Keep on going!




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