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Leaving Haiti!

Submitted by eagle on Mon, 01/13/2020 - 16:18

Yesterday, walked with my bike and all my stuff up the hill to Petionville, a fancier area.

Got a hotel. Not many to choose from. One of my worst stays.

Tons of noises, smells, mosquitoes, dirty, no wifi, not much electricity. They tried to charge me extra, and they charged me to buy a lock for the door!

Today, found a B&B.

Much better!

Beautiful place. Things work -- wifi, electricity, even hot water!

I'm getting ready to leave Haiti/Ayiti.

It's a beautiful country, I'm somewhat sad to go.

I'm also excited to get to other islands!

Unsure where I'll go next, or how. Depends on what's available.

I'm mainly considering Turks & Caicos, or US Virgin Islands.

Either way would be fine with me, or another destination!

I like Haitian culture -- the food, music, markets.

People here are way nicer than I expected.

I would say that Haiti is a semi-functional society. It somewhat works, and somewhat doesn't.

I was thinking of bussing back to Republica Dominicana to fly out to another island.

Instead, I may just go directly from Haiti.

We'll see where I can go, for how much, if anyone can take my bike.

Things I look forward to: floss, sunblock.

I wrote too soon! Power went out.

We're back!

Just a five minute outage.

Now that I'm traveling in the Caribbean, figuring out which island to get to, and how to get there, has become a semi-regular challenge/opportunity!

Looks like there aren't many affordable flights off this island.

I may bus to RD, then go to Turks & Caicos.

Booked a flight for Turks & Caicos!

Don't know much about the place, we'll find out when we get there!

Somewhat scary to book a place not knowing what it's like, if you're prepared, etc.

There was a decent ticket at a decent time.

We'll figure it out!

The places here look extremely expensive.

Due to my recent bank adventures, it looks like I can't get a hotel or airbnb in T&C on arrival.

Therefore, I'm planning to camp!

Looks like Turks & Caicos is mainly just a resort place.

Probably only stay briefly, then head elsewhere!

So, I'm thinking something like a week and a half of camping in T&C. Then head to another island!

We'll see how things go!

What happens if an island country denies you entry?

They probably put you in some holding cell until you get sent to your country of citizenship.

Anyways, the show must go on!

Petionville, Haiti!

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