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Further in Port-au-Prince, Haiti!

Submitted by eagle on Fri, 01/10/2020 - 15:34

Went for another long walk.

Came across two white people, and an Asian guy!

Haitian drivers annoy me. They drive aggressively, even pushing or tapping against people. They yell and honk incessantly. Instead of being courteous, they are angry.

Went for another lengthy walk yesterday.

I'm getting to like Haiti more!

Now thinking of staying longer, maybe another week.

Unsure whether to go to a different part of town, as I had planned, or stay another day or more at this hotel.

I like this area, and the hotel's comfortable. However, it's loud, I've seen much of the area, and I'm feeling somewhat ready for action.

Leaning towards going, as planned, but we'll see.

I like the plants of Haiti, many of which I don't think I've ever seen before. Some plants I recognize from other Caribbean areas.

There are numerous fancy neighborhoods in the hills.

Haiti is one of the more fun cities to get around.

Walking or running through the streets, which are lined with vendors.

Following from one part of the city into another.

People everywhere, often packed not too densely.

Surprises around each corner.

I still find it funny to see so many women (and occasionally others) carrying around large loads on their heads.

Haitian art is sold on numerous corners.

Fried food is popular. I like it here more than much of the deep-fried food I've had in other places.

I'm getting used to being in Haiti. I can now go for longer without the calls of "blanc!", but maybe that has more to do with being in a fancier area.

The Haitian way of saying water ("d'leau!") sounds like white ("blanc!"). So when the vendors who sell packaged water walk around behind me, I often feel like someone's following me!

I'm getting to know my way around somewhat, but it's difficult in the winding streets. I've often been walking without much reference to maps.

Haitian money has a small rate compared to US money. I went to the bank yesterday to take out some cash. Now I have a thick wad of two-hundred and fifty gourde bills!

I feel like a drug dealer.

Still unsure about whether to go to another area now or later.

There appears to be hot water in this hotel, the first such that I've noticed in Haiti. However, so far it's only worked for around one minute of the time I've been here. Also, hot water isn't that necessary in the tropics.

Port-au-Prince, Haiti!

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