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Bye, Monte Cristi!

Submitted by eagle on Mon, 12/23/2019 - 19:30

Looks like I'll probably be stocking up in Dajabon.

Things often turn out different than expected. Adapt!

Wherever we go, there are noises. So deal!

Last day in Monte Cristi, Republica Dominicana!

I was thinking of having a going away party! :)

So exciting to go!

I got a different bike.

Still no phone. Maybe in Dajabon.

Cleaned up a bunch of stuff over the weekend.

Feeling much lighter and tighter than before, but still want more!

Funny to feel unsure of which country one will be heading to that week!

As of now, I plan to go to Haiti!

Seems like fun. :)

It's funny to have too much stuff. After a while of struggling to acquire, replace, or repair things, I've wound up with redundant things. For a while I've been walking around with two bikes (one broken), three laptops (two and a half broken), two pairs of shoes (one and a half broken), etc.

There's a balance!

Big week!

Tons of preparation, has me nervous.

Feel solid finally to get going!

RD has been quite a country!

Now I feel satisfied. Ready for a new adventure!

Let's go!

Work a while, set up a place, then ride for the first time in a while!

Thursday storms.

Through the weekend.

Looks like the ride isn't too technical. 35 km, only a few dozen meters of elevation.

By the way, just about any sentence sounds funny if it has the word "Haiti" in it. "I'm going to Haiti!" :)

Hotels seem way more expensive than Airbnbs on the Dominican side of the border, too.

Not much available tonight, but I made reservations for the upcoming few days. Maybe I'll find a place when I arrive, or maybe I'll camp.

(Reservation unavailable, no place to stay.)

Looks like farmland around the town.

Doing my last work here, then take another look at places for tonight, then ride!

Going off to another province without a place. Aventura!


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