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Getting Ready!!!!!

Submitted by eagle on Thu, 12/19/2019 - 20:22

Went back to the phone shop, again. No phones, again.

Thinking of maybe replacing my front wheel with a wrong size one from the bike shop.

Tons of preparations.

Looks like Ayiti has two peninsulas.

I'm planning to do the northern, main one first. Then, if I like it, continue to the smaller second one. Otherwise, return to RD.

The center of RD looks mountainous and unpopulated. As such, I'd probably just see the southern coast.

200 km from Cap Haitien to Port-au-Prince.

I'm ready to leave!

Not sure how people stay in small towns.

I like them for a while. Then I want something different!

Looks like Monday offers best bet!

Then, probably stay a few days in Dajabon, preparing.

Then, Ayiti!

Not sure whenwhere to get Haitian Gourdes.

Maybe carry around $100 of Gourdes over the border? Or better to buy after getting into the country?

Seems like I often get local currency once inside a country.

So, maybe take some Dominican pesos over the border? Seems reasonable.

I've appreciated having a chance to stay in one place for a while, a few weeks.

It's given me the chance to take care of important tasks, such as work and preparing for Haiti.

I feel much better about carrying on now!

Republica Dominicana is a large and beautiful country. Delicious food.

My big recommendation is to trade in the loud, smelly, polluting gas motorcycles for electric cycles.

RD packs quite a variety of ecology into an island.

I like the areas outside of the cities much better than the cities.

Remaining: fix bike!

My plan: weekend here, fixing up, then Monday to Dajabon, a few days there, then Friday to Haiti!

Weekend in Ouanaminthe.

Then to Cap Haitien!

Certain weather, when it's cloudy, humid, etc., makes me feel congested. Sinuses, nose, head, joints, body. I feel slow. Sad. Down. Pain. Confusion.

I guess I slog through such days.

The goggles seem fine intuitively.

I'm not sure how precise they have to be to fit.

I think they're ready to print.

What else?

I aim to wear a pair in the upcoming couple of months or so!

My model looks funky. Maybe get pro insights later.

I'm happy to have made this design.

Maybe it's more comfortable!

So many ways to do things. Confusing!

I guess we have to go by a mix of gut instinct, thought, action, etc.

Things seem to be coming together in a mad way.

I think I'm on basically the track I want to be on with these goggles. Not sure how they'll turn out, but I'm printing them!

Here's to Eagle Eyes Adventure Goggles version 1.0!!!!!

I'm feeling stresses.

Unsure how things are going, but somehow!

I'm sitting here, in Monte Cristi, Republica Dominicana.

Soon back riding!

I guess that I often have a serious desire to get way from town.

See different things.

Rock & Roll!


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