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More Thinking in Republica Dominicana!

Submitted by eagle on Mon, 12/09/2019 - 21:41

Bad music, barking dogs, and other gross noises make me sick.

"Some guy w/ a peace sign. Or a Mercedes logo."

"Oh no, not eating my vegetables!"

"Oh no,  not getting exercise!"

Things that reasonable people should exclaim instead of worrying about murder, etc.

I'm messy, sloppy, lazy, etc. We all have our failings. I think it's important to know one's own failings, and I think that it can improve one to admit it. Not to focus too much on it, though.

Impoetant :)

People often have irrational fears about foreign places. However, Haiti does have some serious problems. I predict that I'll like the country more than people often warn me about, but not as much as some other countries like Mexico.

After Haiti, I plan to get back to RD, see southwestern Republica Dominicana.

Then, other islands!

I like planning. It's one of my favorite parts of travel.

Even when I'm tired of travel itself, needing a break, I still like daydreaming.

Looking at maps & calendars.

Figuring out whenwhere to go!

There are some heart-stopping moments whenever a laptop gets exposed to large amounts of water! Especially if the battery is low or there are other confusing factors.

Luckily, this laptop runs!

It's funny to go to the bank in developing countries. I just used an ATM to withdraw 10,000 pesos! Made me feel rich. Hard even to count the zeroes while using the ATM. However, the ATM failed. So did the two other ATMs nearby!

Off to another fun week!


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